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Hello !

Let me personally Congratulate on deciding to download my 240 Astral Projection Questions Answered video series!

Astral Projection or Out-Of-Body-Experience is an amazing topic. If you can master this art, you will have a whole new wonderful world open in front of you!

I have now been practicing Astral Projection for almost 15 years, and it is something that everyone MUST experience!

I am sure you will learn a lot from these videos.

Not just that, I sincerely hope that this video series answers some of your own burning Astral projection questions, and takes you several steps closer to YOUR Astral success!

You can download the videos from here:

If you want to download all the 5 parts in one huge file (94 MB), use the following link

These videos should play on any machine with a standard video player.Β  If you are having problems, you can download and install either:

Gom Player
VLC Media Player

To download the eBook (PDF) version of all the FAQ, please use the following link
FAQ eBook Version

Download an Introduction to Astral Projection
Astral Projection – The Naked TRUTH!

And yes…In the next few weeks,Β  I will be sharing more good Astral Projection information with you…So stay tuned!

All the best!

Do not forget to leave your comments on how you liked the videos πŸ™‚






  1. Alain Maltais says:

    HI Abhi,
    I purchased your book, read it in three days and since then AP has become an obsession. With the knowledge you provided me, I am having incredible experiences. Your videos are an ideal complement to the book. Very well done and your voice is great. I am also using Twitter to document my dreams and OOBE. Basically, I am putting all the chances on my side, and I know I am progressing. I am still at the stage of involuntary LD, but from there projection is a piece of cake. What is improving is the clarity of the places I visit and the significance of the voyages, as if there was an intelligence at work guiding me.
    Looking forward to anything you send our way.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Alain

    Thank you for the kind words. Really appreciate it πŸ™‚
    I wish you all success with your practice!


    PS : I have sent you a personal email. Please check

  3. Manoj Roy says:

    Dear Abhi

    It’s really a nice, This time you directly hit in my heart, This is the subject excited me like anything. Thanks for all those great sharing. Looking forward for some more rocking sending



  4. ashim kumar dass says:

    i just thank you

  5. Jim says:

    Hi Abhi,
    Thanks for going to all the trouble in answering 240 questions. But I have another one for you.
    Many times over the last 25 years I have attempted AP. However, the main obstacle for me in achieving it has been strong muscle twitching in my legs once I have reached the vibration stage. Admittedly in the early days it may well have been fear based. But these days I seem to be able to stay calm.

    In fact sometimes even while sitting in meditation if I concentrate on triggering the tingling sensation, a twitch will start. It is so distracting that meditation is not possible let alone AP.

    Do you have any suggestions that might help me to prevent the twitching?


  6. Michaela says:

    Hi Abhi,
    i am watching your videos on q & A right now. i would love to read your book? could you please direct me to where i can buy it? i cant find it here on your web site? please excuse me if its right in front of my face.
    i am interested in learning to astral project. i have had some lucid dreaming/ astral experiences of late but have trouble remembering them in the morning.

    Thanks for your wisdom

  7. shan says:

    /thank you so much~~~

  8. Mary says:

    I was not able to open the file. it required some kind of extension which was too time consuming and hard to install. You may want to consider using a file type everyone can open easily.
    Thanks anyway.

  9. Neil says:

    Hi Abhi,

    Thanks for these. I look forward to devouring the material πŸ™‚

  10. admin says:

    Hi Mary

    The videos are in regular MP4 files. You can view them using any standard video player like VLC or GOM Player…and you will not be needing any plugin to download.


  11. Fendi says:

    who can do this?

  12. VINNY says:


  13. MK says:

    Can you provide some sort of basic training to achive the OBE…
    Step by Step.

  14. admin says:

    Hi Vinny

    These videos can play in any standard video player like Windows Media Player, VLC media player, GOM Player etc.


  15. Matthew says:


    How can I purchase your book for step by step instruction to astral project?

    Gratitude in advance


  16. Dan says:

    Hello and thanks for the insight provided by this book.

    I have experienced OBE most of my life, but fail to continue to conscientiously be aware of it, literature of this nature serves as an excellent reminder to continue to contemplate the deeper experience and understanding of our souls.

    Regular readings such as this would help to commit my conscience to these deeper contemplations of our being


  17. Mumba says:

    Hey thanks for the free videos.

  18. James says:

    Thanks for this very insightful and interesting explanation. It has answered many of the questions that I had in mind. Now that I have heard your answers to these many questions, I am now certain that I have had some of these Lucid Dreams, and OOBE’s without practicing . I have tried to find out the cost of the course but I have not seen it mentioned anywhere.

  19. admin says:

    Hi Francis

    It works on Media Player. Not sure why it is giving a problem at your end.
    Please try VLC or GOM Player. If you are still unable to view the videos, let me know.


  20. Rick says:

    Will listen through the series and get back to you. Hard to make comments about something I haven’t checked out yet. All the best!

  21. admin says:

    Hi Rick

    Obviously, I want you to give your feedback only after viewing them πŸ™‚


  22. El Mano says:

    Alain Maltais mentioned a book? I got into hypnosis about a year ago, and it led me into a new world of amazing practices. Astral Projection/Remote Viewing has been near the top of my list of Things To Learn, but I haven’t been able to find much on it that’s free (even in the form of nine-page reports). Money is hard to come when you’re sixteen and living in a family that doesn’t believe in such techniques.

    For anyone who can’t play the files, go to
    The download is an orange button a few inches from the top of the page. The video converter You can convert the files to WMV, FLV, MPEG, or whatever.

  23. Barbee says:

    Have been unable to download the videos, but I appreciate your sending them.

  24. Tom says:

    I’ve seen reference to a book 5 times, but you’ve never replied to any of the 5 requests of where we can purchase the book. Sounds like something I would like to read!!

  25. admin says:

    Hi Tom

    Yes, i had a book on Astral Projection, but i have pulled it off from the market temporarily. Will surely let you know once it is back online!


  26. admin says:

    Hi Barbee

    Please let me know what problems were you facing? Maybe i could help.


  27. admin says:

    Hi El

    Thank you for guiding people to
    I hope it helps those who are somehow unable to view the videos.

    Regarding my book, yes, I had a book but it is off the market temporarily.

    Btw, it was really interesting to read about TeenageHypnosis πŸ™‚


  28. admin says:

    Hey James

    I am glad you found it to be useful πŸ™‚


  29. admin says:

    You are most welcome, Mumba!

  30. admin says:

    Hi Dan

    Yes, we all constantly need to be reminded about things from time to time. I am glad this these videos have been a gentle reminder for you regarding our deeper existence.

    All the best, Dan!

  31. Vicky says:

    I had no problems extracting or opening the files in Winamp.

  32. Vicky says:

    I will leave some feed back after I have listened to them….

  33. Maricris says:

    Hi, i would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience about astral projection, i had this experience since i was younger and this year i had too but i was just afraid to go on and explore , i would need to do some constant practice of meditation, visualization and relaxation as you have said. I want to discover more of my spirituality , my purpose here on earth , i hope i would be soon and would finally enjoy the benefit of astral projection…A big thank you to you, May God bless you!

  34. rajasekar says:

    thank u verymuch, u r doing the service for global humankind; we are thanking u sir.

  35. Danko says:

    Hi Abhi, thanks for this. I find it very useful, because now I know that AP can be does from the lucid dream, and also that there is no reason for fear from any monster that I could found during my projecting to astral world. Also I have to say that for now, i dont have voluntary AP, but involuntary I have it few times, probaly much more, but I can not be sure, because only few times I have the memory of separeting astral body from phisical body, and for other i am not sure is it lucid dream or AP. I have tried voluntary to do this, but I have or fall to sleep or can not withstand with temperature body which have been increased during visualisation. But now, after watcing this video, I know that i am on the right way because I have all the “symptoms” before projection, themperature, buzzing in ears, and something that I have several times durung the sleep, or maybe better to say after sleep, something like voices of undead from warcraft, but much more intense, and after that, every time I am separeted from the body, if i want and if I know what is happening to me at that time, because this sounds scarred me for little. ( Sorry for my English language, because I am from Serbia, and English is my second language.) Good bay and thanks again.

  36. DenizT says:

    Hi Abhi!

    I have watched every video and read every text of AP which u here shared with us:)I very enjoyed watching and reading.All was totally amazing.Informations..But still i have questions but i dont know where should ask them?here or mail etc.

    Thank you so much!

  37. Deleen says:

    Hi Abhi thx for the video’s I am knew at this, but want to do it for many years just don’t seem to succeed, I am very spiritual one of my friends said its because I am baptized that’s the reason that I can not do that. is that true?

    kind regards

  38. admin says:

    H Deleen

    Thank you for writing.

    No, baptisim has got nothing to do with Astral projection. In fact religious background can not prevent you from achieving success. No matter whatever religion you follow, having an open mind is really important.


  39. admin says:

    Hi Deniz

    Thank you. I am glad you liked the videos.

    If you are comfortable asking the questions here, please go ahead. But if not, please send me a mail.


  40. admin says:

    Hi Danko

    Considering that English is your second language, you were really good with it! And I am not kidding…So do not apologize for it. It is good!

    Nice to know that you have got some great involuntary astral projection experiences. I am not sure if you already do this, but you should try and maintain a dream journal. This will greatly increase your dream recall abilities, and also increase your chances of having Lucid dreams.

    I would love to hear about your progress.

    All the best

  41. admin says:

    Thank you Maricris πŸ™‚
    If you have a strong desire to find out deeper reasons for your existence, I am sure you Astral projection would help you with it.

    All the best!

  42. Hazielle says:

    Hi Abhi!

    I want to thank you to finally showing a way to all those looking for more inlightment I myself experience it for a very long time and since a deep burn out snip gone!!! Any way can’t wait to read your material will be keeping an eye and a heart on you

  43. admin says:

    Hi Hazielle!

    Thank you….glad you liked the videos, and I hope you like the other cool stuff I would be sharing in the next few days πŸ™‚

    All the best!

  44. Eric says:

    Hi Abhi
    Thank you for your eBook. i’m going to study and practise the contents as soon as I can find the time. busy with other tihings at the moment but will definitely tell you of any if/when it happens.
    Cheers, Eric

  45. THANK YOU SO MUCH, this is a big help. I am going to definetly listen to these , and also check out more of your site. Noticed someone said you had a book out, i would love to find. Thanks again.. Cherokee, Spirit Wind Song

  46. Charles Bell says:

    Appreciated Friend:

    Your video series was simply wonderful.

    I have been astro travelling almost since birth. Even so, I want to
    strenghten my possibilities.

    Have a MAGNIFICENT day….you deserve it.



  47. Tazio Fullmer says:

    I want to thank you for your kindness in helping others with this fantastic journey without tainting it with greed… Mt sister has doe this since she was a child and I have had a few involuntary experiences but now I have another Soul Jessica that lives in Germany that I can travel to……I have found that one soul that connects with mine..and there are no words that describe such a feeling.. but it is not as controlled or clear and here you are helping me on this journey untill she can moive here. if all could undersatnd this journey maybe there would be less killing in the name of God amongst the various religions?

  48. Dear Abhi

    it really nice to know abt your web site very informative. every thing is well explained in detail.

    I have one problem I cannot concentrate secondly cannot visulize any thing or cannot potrate any thing in my mind any advise ?

  49. Eliza says:

    what you are doing here is great!!! Should be more of you on earth : ) Kisses…

  50. Michelle D'Anjou Astie says:

    So happy to read finaly something like that.
    Thank you!

  51. Khaidang says:

    Thank you so much, i love you.
    Best Regard!

  52. deepak says:

    thank you for giving such wonderful videos….. plz do share such inspiring videos with us… i hope u will keep on giving such videos…..

  53. RANVEER says:


  54. abel says:

    great~!!!thank you~

  55. Walter Berten says:

    thank you. By sharing the lightness and love I felt when I began your series, a 1st grade teacher was relieved of her headache. I immediately started decluttering my office/bedroom. Many blessings to you!

  56. muvinzu says:

    thank you verymuch

  57. FEDEX says:


  58. Raman hall says:

    im half way through the FAQs and alot of them are the same questions but i’ll keep listening to them anyway.
    im 15 and i want to project more than anything in the world, but id never be able to buy your books/dvds (parents would think im crazy or something) if you or anyone that reads this can give me some GOOD well described techneiques (how exacly to lay / where to grab the rope if with the rope techneique)

    i tried the rope, the anchor, the lift / roll out the furthest i can get is a strong vibrating feeling and then my face starts twitching and i get a bit tense. when i realise im tense and i relax the vibrating goes back down. i think i start seeing light but that could just be because im eyes are twitching open a bit.

  59. tranhuunguyen says:

    Thank you very very much , i really like your video

  60. essh says:

    thank you for your help.
    khoda kheiret beheh

  61. Filipe says:

    Thanks abhi πŸ™‚

  62. Linda says:

    Thanks so much Abhi for sharing!! Much appreciated!! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  63. Fred Motyl says:

    Great comprehensive introduction to Astral Projection. Thank you.

  64. sar says:

    i am not able to down load any of the file

  65. Lise says:

    This is awsome thanks I would love to astral project

  66. Allen says:

    Thank you for the free information, I will stay optimistic about what you have chosen to share with me. Thank you for the opportunity.

  67. Kiran says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing these vedeos

  68. Rawle says:

    Hello Abhi

    It was really inspiring to look through the videos. I am impressed. I received an email from Article Brain and the subject line immediately caught my attention and I had to look at your presentations. As a youth years ago I was fascinated had started to read the Third Eye and tried to get that AP but really never succeeded. Its a topic that has always interested me – the paranormal and I used to read as much as possible on that. However as time passed I guess that it must have eluded me or the realities of living took up the time.
    You have certainly aroused that desire once more.
    After looking through the FAQ’s I realized that those symptoms described at the point of near leaving are real to me and that the dreams that I experience could be AP.
    You have certainly opened my eyes and renewed the dream to continue.
    Thanks a million.

  69. admin says:

    You are most welcome, Kiran!


  70. Ricardo says:

    to Raman hall,

    Hi Raman, I believe you are trying to hard to have an out of body experience. Enjoy each day, as we are in this human body for a reason, try to meditate each day without expecting an out of body experience.

    Try also to stop your thoughts during the day as well, not only when you are meditating, you will awake more to your life’s purpose. You will see that when you are meditation you are more present and this will improve your relaxation and meditation skills.

    Good luck, know that there are a lot of techniques of to have an OOBE but the key is not to get obsessed by it, since this is your ego.



    P.s: Abhi, thanks for sharing this material, highly appreciate it! Have a great day!

  71. Venu says:

    Hello Abhi,
    Thank you for sharing this information. You have open many blocks in most people like me. To tell you the truth, I had all the interest in Astral Project but do not know where and how to start. As an Indian, I use to watch people going in trance. I wander how another entity can get into their body. Sometimes it’s scare to know that the person is not in control of his body. Once again, thank you for building the confidence.

  72. Josh says:

    I can’t believe these are actually free! Thanks so much, I’ve been looking for a credible astral projection course for months! πŸ™‚

  73. B J. says:

    Hi Abhi ,

    I is great to have your experience shared, I will give mine too , as I am now still in
    my way to have my own experiences like yours. And I will keep in touch for any information with you .


  75. I mispelled on the “Bunch” PART..LOL..- BUT YEA,.. THANX ALOT!!! LOL:)

  76. AGA says:


  77. harold lambert says:

    i have had several OBE in my life.looking for information or how to improve on it.

  78. william says:

    thanks abhi ,
    this is really what i have been searching for, i will take time to follow it.
    you are doing a grate job.

  79. Teodora says:

    congratulation! You are a very special person!

  80. admin says:

    Thanks William πŸ™‚

  81. admin says:

    Hi Harold

    In the next few days, i plan to share several good information with you on Astral Projection. So stay tuned!


  82. Jackie Higgins says:

    Sounds Interestig

  83. Alexandre says:

    I’ve just downloaded the series.
    And before watching them, I’m already grateful to you.
    I sincerely think that this kind of act can only promote the rapid evolution of human kind for the well being of all.
    Thank you again.

    I will surely let you know about the operational details as I will go…

  84. J. says:

    Thanks Abhi. I would love if you could talk us through an astral projection attempt. Then we’re not so afraid. You’re really helping people. Good Job!!! J.

  85. admin says:

    Hi Alexandre

    Thank you for your comments. Really appreciate it!


  86. Cherif says:

    I’m new to this art and I want to know more about it, so I’ll watch the videos for that purpose, thanks a 100 times for help (free instead of 97$)

  87. Debbie says:


  88. Eleni says:

    It is very interesting and life changeing , Thank you so much.

  89. triwiyono says:


  90. triwiyono says:

    THANK YOU! very much for your attention to me. πŸ™‚

  91. iyuke says:

    i really i love this video seriies and it will be helpful

  92. Derrick says:

    I am familiar with the concept of Astral Projection, but have not experienced it conciously. Can anyone assist. I have just downloaded the 5 videos but havn’t viewed them yet. Any feedback?


  93. Jeff says:

    Very good stuff, I will be sure to buy your program, I have had APs before but am not master, so it seems.
    I am able to go lucid amost at will, but seem to have some problems getting a AP, seems I nolonger vibrate, I just walk around in my mind until bored and go to sleep.


  94. Bora says:

    Many thanks dear Abhi ! This will be a long journey for me, will let you know about it. Take care…

  95. willy says:

    i Willy i really want to experience the astral projection to open my life to succesfully

  96. Don Don says:

    I really want experience what you have in store for me, it will make alot difference in my life thanks

  97. femi okuwobi says:


  98. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to read for a life long desire from you!

  99. Derrick says:


    I’ve watched your videos and have tried the rope technique, but cannot clearly visualize myself and end up sleeping. Any tips?

  100. admin says:

    Hi Femi

    Keep reading my blog and checking out all the information I am sharing with you. I am sure you will learn more about this wonderful art.


  101. Steven says:

    How do you order the course. You make it to hard to find a link to buy it.

  102. Avelena says:

    Thank you Abhi for clearing up the difference of lucid dreaming and astral travel.
    You are very wise and knowledgeable and this is a great service you are doing.
    To the person asking about the robed beings, check out The Great White Brotherhood of Man. They wear robes. But who knows how many others may do so.

    Also as far as our lifetime on the astral planes are concerned, Theosophy teaches that we have hundreds of years there to continue to evolve, and thousands in the Heaven worlds. However only those worthy of consciously experiencing that world will do so. Reincarnation does not happen that quickly in most cases. Check out “The Devachanic Planes by C.W. Leadbeater. You can read it online. He has also written a book on The Astral Planes.

    Thanks again for this great contribution Abhi. I look forward to learning more from you.



  103. Eugene says:

    If i see rainbows when i meditate am i ready for Kundalini i know how to but i want o have an OOBE first so i wont freak out or ruin my body cause once its awaken there is no turning back

  104. Davy says:

    This is the best! thank you so much!

  105. foued says:

    Hi Abhi ,
    i did the AP , few years ago by myself , i didn’t realize that is AP .
    when i found your book , i felt that i found a treasurer
    how i can buy cds or book ?
    thank you Abhi

  106. Adithya s.h says:

    hi Abhi..
    you r doing wonderful job…this is very much useful to me. i have lot of questions in spiritual. i am greatful to you.
    ” Helping hands are holier than praying lips”
    -Adithya s.h

  107. admin says:

    Hi Eugene

    Raising one’s Kundalini should be done under someone’s guidance. It is something very powerful, and it should not be attempted without proper guidance.


  108. admin says:

    Hi Avelena

    I read Leadbeater’s book on Astral Planes more than 10 years ago, and it is by far the most comprehensive guide I have ever come across on the topic.

    Thank you for sharing it with all of us!


  109. Greg says:

    hey abhi

    thanks for all the information you provided it was very interesting. I tried having an OBE and it felt as though I was very close, my body vibrated heavily and I tried the rope technique, the roll out technique and I tried floating out and nothing yet. I saw a bright light and even heard a buzzing noise but thats as far as it got, I’ve tried again and again but I end up with the same result as if Ive hit a brick wall. I feel as though I’m soooo close…….any advice.

  110. Raja says:

    Dear Mr. Abhi,

    I have downloaded both video and pdf version 240 questions. Hope this information will help me a lot. Thanks a lot. I am in initial stage. Please always provide your help to me for complete Astral Projection.


  111. DigitalSoul says:

    I’m on the process of downloading this..I noticed that it’s a 20 MB mp4 file. Are these just teasers of the original videos? Thanks..

  112. jacques says:

    Dear Mr. Abhi

    Thank u for this open source! hopefully i can now Astral Project, been having trouble.

    Will let u know when i win.

    Jacques maritz

  113. Vichi says:

    Actually I m in searching of this material from many days, But the problem is this that i don’t know precise name cum information. Now when i found your link through google search then i open your site then i was speechless when i found this material is in free service.
    So Thank u very much for your best social service.

    Best regards

  114. luna says:

    thanks Abhi..
    Latelty I am practising how to Astral Project,
    I have a problem whenever I practise, I got sleep though I feel vibration at my whole body.
    Hopefully I do better
    Wish me luck πŸ™‚


  115. admin says:

    Luna, try practicing when you are not tired. This will reduce your chances of falling asleep. If your schedule allows, you can try in the morning around half an hour after you get up.


  116. admin says:

    You are most welcome Vichi. I would love it if you practice, and share your success story πŸ™‚

  117. admin says:

    Sure Jacques. I will really look forward to your success.
    It is not as difficult as it probably sounds.


  118. admin says:

    These videos will answer many Astral projection questions that many people have.

  119. Shanti says:

    Thank you Mr.Abhi

    I have been practicing Astral travel since last 10 years. I am writing this while downloading your videos. I have certain doubts to clarify.
    1.In my astral walk I am not going as per my direction. The body takes its own direction and does what it wants to do. I want direction and want to experience what I want to do.

    2.In my travel I came across certain guides but I could not understand what they are saying.

    3.I am witnessing my past life also but how to go deep in to this subject

    Hope you will respond and will do the needfull

  120. admin says:

    Hi Greg

    Your symptoms tell me that are on the right track!

    But don’t get too stressed out if it is not working right now. Enjoy the ride. Give yourself a few days’ break and practice again after about a week. Many times people succeed when they are not practicing!


  121. Leonard says:

    thanks allot for this site
    and God will bless you a hundred times for letting the public know about illuminati !!

  122. brian says:

    I am very thankful for anything on the art of astral projection =)

  123. Ahmed says:

    thank you so much,
    i just download it will getback later when i ready and try it.

    wish you the all the best,


  124. Jay says:

    Thank you very much.. u done a great help for me…………..

  125. Jay says:

    Million thanks to u…. Awesome videos…

  126. Istvan says:

    Dear Abhi,

    thank you for the videos. πŸ™‚

  127. Jambo says:

    I really liked the way you presented FAQ and answers. It is very informative and to the point.
    I have a couple of Astral Projection courses already and I am just gaining a wealth of knowledge of what to expect and various techniques to try. It seems to me that this knowledge will definitely help people to find out some deeper truths about our souls: its nature, it capabilities, and the fascinating journey to advance its evolution of experience on all planes of existence that are available.
    These are trying times for the human consciousness that is mostly dependent on physical sense knowledge because of its limitations. We must search our hearts and souls to come to know inherently that we are truly capable and deserve to know our birthrights to grow beyond our ignorance of the density of this 3rd dimension. We must learn to discover what it is that we are about and why we have this inner urge to go beyond this plane and then bring to it a refreshing, a renewal of greater knowledge and energy to raise this world to a higher ground. Heaven on Earth is not an idealistic fantasy, it is a duty that souls discovering a knowledge of astral plane projection and more will learn to master it wisely and compassionately the depths of cause and effect.
    It is wonderful to be guided thoroughly and responsibly as well as having fun and beautiful experiences as we grow.
    Thanks for your great work!!!

  128. Sabrina says:

    Very complete material!
    I’ve been searching for this kind of information for a long time, but never succesfully. It helped me a lot πŸ™‚

    Wish you all the best, Abhi!

  129. Hai Mr.Abhi,
    How are you ? how is your’s family and friends tell my regards to all
    your’s project will very nice i like it thanks
    and wish you good luck
    tack care
    have a good day

  130. Hassan says:

    This information is great!…I have recently been interested in astral projection and how to make it work, and have been trying so hard, to focus while lying down, but for some reason, it just doesnt happen for me, the other night I was laying there for half and hour, my body felt numb, and fuzzy, yet my mind was blank and nothing came up, I dont know what this means or what Im doing wrong, as I would love to reach enlightenment, and complete control over my life, while taking control of my mind, my body and everything else around me, using the power of my mind, any advice you can give me would be great!

  131. beth says:

    Great information to process. thank YOU so much for taking the time to do this.

  132. Tyciol says:

    Thanks for providing these free downloads, they look interesting. The batched movie Zip is especially good.

  133. Hobbo says:

    Hey, i do faith healing for many people, some cancer with terminal,but mainly do Trance,and send you off into your mind for a few minutes, I gaurantee you will feel elevated within your own mind,,I dont charge,,I do it for the Love it brings xx .Love Peace and Harmony xxx

  134. George says:

    Good morning Abhi. The accent is american, even if you are supposedly from Bengal, if I remember your address rightly. I have not watched all the video presentations as yet, or read the pdf version. It seems that Steven G Jones has released the “genie from the bottle” and now we will see what mischief ensues. Should the world rush to embrace astral projection en masse? Are we ready for such a rush of “souls” on these journeys? On the same hand you say it happens every night with many people, but they have no conscious recall of the events. Possibly it has also happened to me, but the result has only been some crazy dreams. I have had an interest in the occult and psychic happenings for most of my life, and was once a member of the Theosophical Society in Australia. I recall reading about the constitution of the human being as being seven fold in nature, in simple terms. In Astral travel, the etheric, astral, and higher sheaths, were the ones projected from the physical body, although the “Silver Cord” kept the connection to the physical body. I assumed, because of the spiritual development of the person, this limited the levels they might reach in the Astral realm. There is a book from many years ago by Anthony Borgia called “Life in the World Unseen”. This is more about communication by a medium, but it illustrates my view, and I hope there is some truth in the writings. Thank you again for the free downloads.

  135. admin says:

    Hi George

    Yes, your memory serves you right. I am from Bengal. The voiceover in my videos has been done by an American, and hence the American accent. Since most of my visitors are from the US, i felt they would relate to it more if the accent was American.

    As i said, we all Astral Project every time when we sleep. It is just that we are not aware. So the “souls” are already on these journeys.

    And I feel it is a good thing that people are becoming more aware of the Astral reality. The sooner people start practicing, the sooner our world will become a better place to live in.

    I have not heard about the book. I will see if i can get my hands on it. Thank you for sharing.


  136. admin says:

    You are most welcome, Tyciol!


  137. admin says:

    You are most welcome, Beth! Hope you learned something from it!

  138. admin says:

    Hi Hassan

    If you are trying for AP, the first rule is not to “try” too hard. Relax and take it easy. If you try too hard, you will get stressed. So relax, and take it in the spirit of fun. Enjoy the process.

    For achieving what you want, i would suggest a daily session of meditation. At least 15 mins every day. If you can meditate for 15 mins three times a day, it would be great.

  139. admin says:

    You are most welcome, Sabrina!

  140. michael says:

    A little hint for you, a (video) is a moving picture. What you have for download is a sound file with your web address shown.

  141. admin says:

    Hi Michael

    Thanks, but i know what a video is πŸ™‚

    You are not able to view the video because your video player does not have the necessary codecs to view MP4 files. You can download either GOM Player or VLC and you should be able to see video as well as the hear the audio.

    Here are the links to these players. Both are free.


  142. Crissy says:

    hi abhi, i’ve always been interested in astral travel, or also known as projection. i’ve used hypnosis a lot over the past year on various things but find that as soon as i start listening to any hypnosis mp3’s i start sneezing or yawning, my body fidgits and wont relax. it’s frustrating. i have various hypnosis sessions which i try to use often, with always the same effect, perhaps its the persons voice, i have no idea as i have many subliminals which don’t seem to have that effect and can occasionally help me switch my mind off for about 5 minutes, but in gernal, my mind wont shut up long enough for me to sleep let alone listen to or watch hypnosis sessions. i’m finding the astral projection ones just the same, my mind wont shut up and my attention span is limited to less than 2 minutes. (i have very good attention span for other things, i’m a novel writer and can concentrate for hours on end as a rule) i have no idea what the problem for this is or why. i have once managed to stop my mind from thinking for all of 5 minutes, it was completely blank, it’s the most peaceful 5 minutes i’ve ever had in my life, but i cannot remember HOW i did it. i know others that astral travel, and i really want to experience it as it’s also something i write into my novels.
    any suggestions?


  143. Crissy says:

    read back through the posts.. george comented on a book… “life in the world unseen”
    here’s the website link for that book.
    there are many copies available through amazon and other sites, just google it πŸ™‚

  144. leonisnmassaquoi says:

    can i meditate and pratice astral projection in the same day

  145. mayet says:

    hi Abhi..Thank you so much for the videos..More power..

  146. suki says:

    hi i am suki,thanks for the video. but i did not get the step,how to move the astral body from the body, can you tel the step by step methode,please replay any body

  147. suki says:

    hi abhi, please tel me the starting step how to move the astral body?

  148. admin says:

    Hi Suki

    The basic steps are:
    1. Relax your body completely
    2. Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts
    3. Try any effective astral projection exercise (example : The Rope Technique)
    4. Get into the vibration stage
    5. Continue with your visualization exercise
    6. Exit the body


  149. admin says:

    Hi Leon

    I consider AP as a form of meditation, because both require undivided focus.
    But to answer your question, yes you can.


  150. ashish says:

    hi this is ashish and i like to konw that if that what recevier is doing we even dont know what must be the recevier is thinking then how can we proceed practiseing telepathy . i realy want to know please assist me on this

  151. samir says:

    Hi and thank you for 5 free vedios

  152. chandresh says:

    thank you very much for this video

    i love your program

    they very interesting

    as always


  153. neil8264 says:

    Dear Abhi ,
    Suppose one is in astral projection (Out of Body) and in the meantime someone (wife / kid ) touches the physical body .Can the astral body still merge with physical body ?

    Need to buy your book , pls let me know once available .

  154. jesus says:

    hi Abhi, as you can see i don speak english i am from mexico and i found your blog when i was looking for something like this i can see i am the only one speak spanish i can understand a little bit english i am learning but i can not understand all it would be very useful if there will be something like this in spanish i am trying to looking for something like this in spanish but nothing like this, it woul be good if all of this would be in spanish,thanks in advance.

  155. sam says:

    hi Abhi, thanks for those downloads.
    i have been out of my body two times i remember,although i m not so sure about it.
    once i was floating out over my body with my eyes open, i was really scared about it. i was not been able to move any part of my physical body. after a min or two i was consious and was really scared. and another time i remembered something got back into me and i woke up. was that any part of astral projections??

  156. vandy says:

    u rock i do not think that any one can give all this online that free!!!

  157. AMJAD says:

    I didnt see it yet
    I am downloading but I am sure it will be awesome
    thank you very much

  158. kikerry says:

    How can I open my astral eyes when I am very near to get an astral projection?

    What is it easier get into the astral plane by lucid dreaming or by astral projection?

  159. Fred BECK says:

    I am new at this and very happy to practise until I get it right to project
    I havent got it right yet still learning alot with patience it will happen in its own time.
    My biggest fear though is, I am not sure if you could you loose a connection with your body via the silver cord while travelling far and never find your way back or am I just being paranoid.
    Thanks for the downloads they are great

  160. admin says:

    Hi Fred

    The connection between the physical body and the astral body is lost only during death. And it can never sever during Astral projection. Whenever we sleep, we always wake up. So we will always wake up after a conscious astral projection.

  161. admin says:


    When you are close to AP, you just have to tell yourself to see through your astral eyes. You should not try to open your physical eyes, because if you do, you will instantly be back in your body.

    Both are good methods to Project. But if you already have lucid dreams, then this is the easier way.

  162. admin says:

    Thanks Vandy!

  163. admin says:

    Hi Sam, both the experiences seem to be real APs!

  164. admin says:

    Hi Jesus

    I have not thought about translating my videos in Spanish or any other language. But i might consider it in the near future.

  165. admin says:

    Hi Neil
    Yes, the astral body will always merge with the physical body.


  166. Morden says:

    the videos are super,you should make some more:D

  167. sunita says:


    Have not had any experiences yet…… still exploring!…….
    Someone ages ago said that if you get disturbed and get back into your body with a shock you shatter your teeth!!
    Somehow do not go along with this…… what are your thoughts!

  168. Dishel says:

    I’m downloading i really hope this work
    I started to explore these things, with meditation and that
    Thanks for this!

  169. will says:

    i always realize i’m dreaming and i can fly in every dream i have like i’m superman, i’m very strong and unbeatable, is this astral projection at all and how can i use this to my advantage?

  170. Meela says:

    Hi Abhi

    I have’nt had time to listern to the video’s as yet, but in 2004 one night just dozing of to sleep I had a crystal quartz in my hand and I was practicing deep breathing just to relax. My dad was on his death bed and I was missing my sister who lived in NewZealand at that time. Before I could figure out what was happening, I saw a silver thread “shoot” out of my naval and I was literally flying through space. Becasue I was unaware of this experience I kept telling myself to “come back”, but I found myself in a strange home which I never saw before. When my sister sent pictures of her house, it was the same lounge that I had landed in while “traveling” through space. I have never tried going into this state again cos I am not sure where I will land up. Question is – is this a form of astral travel?

  171. Isaac Picado says:

    hola, me gustaria compartir un poco de mi mismo con ud, del mismo modo que espero que pueda entender este mensaje. Yo tengo 17 aΓ±os y desde ya hace tiempo he estado en buca de la iluminacion espiritual. Soy estudiante ya universitario y con el fruto de mi esfuerzo espero hacer un cambio en la sociedad. Me veo y veo a los que me rodean y me siento distinto a como me comporto distinto y siento que esto se deve a los valores que me conforman y esos valores los quisiera exparsir a la humanidad por la crisis moral que afronta este mundo. Este es un paso importante en mi avanse hacea el desembolvimiento y siento el deber de lograrlo. De verdad espero que esto me ayude en mi camino. Muchisimas gracias por todo esto, de verdad es un esfuerzo que aun que talves usted no sienta tanto las ganancias de esto, ya ha sembrado una semilla que esperemos que el mundo la sienta. denuevo muchisimas gracias y mis bendiciones.

  172. MIchael says:

    I just finished the 240 Q/A’s and am now very excited to start learning AP. I can see a lot of advantages to this ability. My Mom and siblings live far away and would like to check up on them when I need to. My Dad past away a few years ago. He still might be in Astral Plane. I would very much like to contact him.
    Thank you so much, Abhi, for allowing me/us to have these videos and your dedication to AP. Where do I get your book and more info?

  173. andrew says:

    hey so recently i have been trying to AP and i have gotten to the point where it feels like i’m strapped to my bed and being lifted. (i believe this is just before the vibration stage) and with/without binaural beats this is has far as i have been able to get to AP. when it get to this point my heart rate goes up and it gets really hard to calm down and relax, also at this point a lot of random thoughts go into my mind and i lose focus there, and the experience stops. can anyone give me some pointers on what to do?

  174. judy says:

    i am going to read you pdf…but i have a question. I have popped out of my body twice in the past, both times by accident…because I was awake and walking around…it was really cool to look down and see myself and be able to see 360 degrees around myself, but every “expert” I have related this to has acted like I’m crazy or lying…but it was too real to be a halluciantion. What do you think, and have you heard of this happening to anyone else ?

  175. brandon says:

    er, so basically what is astral projection used for??

  176. brandon says:

    er, wat is astral projection??
    didnt really figured it out

  177. Thank You Abhi says:

    Alhamdullilah, thank you for providing us with anything useful for us to projecting, i’m a newbie and i have been practicing since a week ago, i have had a trance state, it’s feel amazing, thank you Abhie for the knowledge ^_^

  178. Alisa says:

    Appoximately 2 yrs ago I had an involuntary OBE although I didn’t know the correct name, or anything else about what I experienced. It terrified me to be honest.

    I had fallen asleep and at close to 3 a.m. I thought I was awake. It felt like I was awake. I had a strong feeling of pressure from my chest and there was loud, vibrating ringing sensation in both ears. Another thing was I COULD NOT MOVE MY BODY. Then, I felt my spirit lift up from my body, that was basically paralyzed, and I felt myself begin to float upwards. I was overwhelmed by fear.

    I began desperately trying to reach for the bottom part of my legs to try and hold myself down. I was screaming No! in my mind. I was terrified that I was either dying because of the initial heavy pressure coming from within out and the LOUD RINGING/ HUMMING in my both ears or if I wasn’t dying then after I left my body I wouldn’t be able to find my way back into my physical being.

    It stopped and I was finally able to move. I immediately felt my bed and legs to assure myself I was back. I was exhausted though and immediately fell into a deep sleep that entered into a very real dream that I found confusing and disturbing.

    In my dream I was standing in the night with the front door open and staring into the night. A voice entered my mind and clearly asked “Have you ever considered that you are being watched ?” I said “No”. I asked if whomever watching was going to hurt me? Immediately in my dream, I saw my house being guarded by a police cruiser that continued to drive the perimeter in front of my house and always had a clear line of vision. Then I began walking to my car. I got in the car and felt anxious. I kept looking in my rear view mirror into the night. I could “feel” the intensity of being watched. I saw the police cruiser come through again and felt better.

    I then woke up. My heart was pounding and my ears were still ringing but it was fading. The dream also scared me because I had never had a dream so real and involved the exact location and time frame I was currently at.

    Totally freaked me out. I will admit I have had at least five dreams in which I was shown something or told something. Two involved the voice again and three revealed things I didn’t and needed to know.

    Please will somebody explain what happened to me, what it means, and why?

  179. Thank You Abhi says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Abhi, God bless you and your lovely family ^_^

  180. Craig Savoie says:

    Hey Abhi,
    I`m wondering when your going to get those music to help astral project. I Have Astral Projected before i seen this site, I`m Also in Gnosis, and Learning to Astral Project, And i would like to say, Using the Rope Method really works. But i have a Crystal Pendulum hanging off it to. I Would really like some help on a few things and to understand it a few more. I`m not afraid of this and i dont have a fear of Astral Projection, I`m just having problems not doing it all the time. I would like to do it more often. I Meditate 2 to 4 times a day.
    Thanks for the movies and your words.
    Craig Savoie

  181. Lars says:

    Thanks for the videos, it has been a lot of help to me. A friend told me about Astral projection and i got interest just listening to it. I’ve been practising a week now and have already expirienced the vibration stage, hopefully i will soon be able to project

  182. Gerry says:

    Hi Abhi

    Thanks for the astral projection videos. They are very enlightening and informative. I have read a lot of books on the subject. Though I tried a few times, I have not yet been successful. I guess I still need to get rid of my fear.

    However, a strange thing happened, my 16 year old daughter told me she tried to astral project for a couple of consecutive nights and was successful or so she claims. However, because she had deprived herself of sleep for some time in an attempt to astral project, she started suffering from insomnia and it seriously affected her health. With the result she revealed symptoms of schizophrenia (seeing visions and talking in circles) which all disappeared as soon as she was able to catch up on her sleep. She says since the astral projection experience, she is able to feel people’s emotions and thoughts. Scared that she may try again, I’ll wait until the school closes before I will allow her to watch the videos in order to get an informed view and advice for her experience. I have no doubt that she is an avid believer in astral projection and will be able to do it again and as often she she wishes, as we have read the books together. And now your vidoes make it so much more real and valid. Thank you.

  183. Team Roster says:

    Maybe you should make changes to the blog title Your Download Link For 5-Part Video Series :: Astral Project Now | Blog to something more better for your subject you make. I enjoyed the blog post all the same.

  184. kelly says:

    Hi I have a question. If we leave our bodies every night and don’t know it, why then do we start to vibrate and have buzzing noises in our ears when we start to project cousiously. How come this doesn’t happen when we are sleeping and wake us up when all that starts to happen?

  185. admin says:

    Hi Kelly

    That is a great question!
    We have these symptoms everytime we go to bed. But since we fall asleep, we never notices them. It is only when we on the borderline stage between wakefulness and sleep that we realize these symptoms.


  186. admin says:

    Hi Gerry

    It is great to know that your daughter has experienced AP. But I would never recommend the way she has resorted to! Projecting in a healthy way is a far more rewarding experience.

    Even I do not have any doubts that with a bit of guidance she can become a very successful projector. I wish her all success, and will look forward to your updates πŸ™‚


  187. ANnie BΓ©land says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos and for all the work done! I think this is a great source of information. I am speaking french so this is a short message… I wish you the best and a lot of success πŸ™‚

  188. Awat says:

    Thanxs a lot …. I can do that … I went to sky on a Star one night …

  189. Brian says:


    We are so grateful for all the incredible Information that you have so generously shared with so many people because you are educating the world and allowing them to learn
    what must have taken you several lifetimes to accumulate.

    Please keep up your huge self imposed task – even if you probably do not receive
    feedback from everyone – I am sure they really do appreciate your efforts,


  190. dejicharles says:

    i need help on how to start AP, pls reply tru my e-mail

  191. Kris says:

    Hi Abhi,
    I thank you very much for the clear answers to the 240 FAQS.I feel that you have been doing a very painstaking work for all of us.I am sure that one day you will achieve your target and have a large number of fellow-friends doing AP.

  192. Hazielle says:

    I’ve waited 30 years to finally be witnessing the shift in the world …Thanks to the power of thecnology letting people know that the worriors of light are here to help toward the most beautiful transformation of the human race in over the last 20,000 years Namaste For sharing your light with us and reminding us we are our only limit…FREE YOUR MIND…And the rest will fallow!!!
    Thank you for the guidance to the real beeings we where meant to BE!

  193. Deepak Viswanath says:

    Hi Abhi,
    I want to thank you with all my heart for what you have been doing. The videos and the articles have been of a great resource to me in my spiritual exploration. On a personal note, have you read the book ‘ Our Ultimate reality’ By Adrian Cooper. I would like to know what you think about it.

    With Best Regards
    Deepak Viswanath

  194. Maya says:

    What’s wrong? I can’t download!

  195. segni says:

    For your unreserved help , I would like to say thank you so much.And I think that all the solution you gave to the possible questions or the questions raised during your research was mine too so that I cured from desperation doing astral projection ,and also I got the answer for my colleages too.

    In addition to this , your sound really great.I liked it.and the way you answered to the question is,please keep up your help people who surrounds you.

  196. Bharath says:

    After projection, is there any chance to change into another physical body……

  197. Bharath says:

    If the projection is possible, can we see other ones astral body through our astral body.

  198. Bharath says:

    I will never believe about the life after death. can i do astral projection………..

  199. Bharath says:

    During AP are u able to see what is happening in places far away from u……..

  200. Bharath says:

    whenever i had scary nightmares, i cant move my body and i became half sleep and im making some scary sounds. My family members so much scared because of that sound. Why it is happening and what about that sound. Do u know anything about that………

  201. Devon says:

    Hey thank you for the videos they have been helpful for my many questions!
    Where can I go for techniques since your website is new?
    Please email me a reply so I get it!

    Sincerely, Devon

  202. GURU SITARASU says:


  203. FRED BECK says:

    Hi Abhi

    I have good news, it is Fred speaking here, I have had my first out
    of body experience, believe it or not. Let me explain what happened.
    I got up early for work right, opened the curtains and the sky was purple the sun was just rising, so I decided to lay in my bed and watch this beautiful sight.
    A couple of minutes later it was brighter and white at about 5:30am I still had lots of time so I decided that I am going to try and astral project so I dosed off in a lucid dream like I usually do, and lost track of time where I was and what I was doing but when I was conscious I was adamant that I was going to astral project.
    I don’t know how or what but while I was in a lucid dream I suddenly felt myself moving out of my body I opened my astral eyes I could see but not very clear my body was shaking like mad and I could see white and gold light like a sci-fi movie
    it was amazing I finally was out of my body, but because I fell asleep in a downward angle I think I was under the ground or some where under my bed I felt very orientated not sure where left right up and down was so I thought of my body entered my body and jumped up with excitement it was about 6:30am then and I rushed off to work to right this mail to come and tell you my experience I cannot wait for tonight to try again this time I shall stay out my body longer.

    Thank You Abhi for your training I feel like I owe you something for this I don’t know what but I am extremely grateful to you.

    Frederick Beck

  204. toyota says:

    very thankful file. i really feel thank you very much

  205. Cynthia says:

    Hi Abhi
    I had difficulties in downloading your videos…can’t enter in the Real Player. Can you tell me what to do? Thanks a lot.

  206. admin says:

    Hi Fred

    That is an awesome experience. Congrats! I hope your success motivates other readers of this blog as well!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful news πŸ™‚

    Wish you continued success…

  207. Ravi says:

    Dear Abhi,

    First, Thank you very much for the downloads. I always wondered why the
    rich people donated to the poor. Came to a conclusion : When one reaches a point in life and feels I have enough, then he donates. The donour gets a satisfaction level which money can’t buy.

    I have been meditating since last 9 years and reached a cross road. Most of my time on internet is on knowing more about brain, its unfathomable capacities and untapped resources. I have heard of Astral Projection and few months ago download all materials from Steve’s Astral Projection site. Since then I get up 3.30 am and listen through headphones, the deep hypnosis AP MP3s.

    Initially I too had the feeling Astral Projection may be possible, but since it did not happen to me, I did not believe. But the practice was on, One day, i tried at night. I do not remember where I went, but for 30 minutes, I was lost. I was consious but felt as if my body is lifted and in mid-air, suspended. After 30 minutes I felt as if my body hit the bed with a thud. I woke up only to see, I am lying absolutely in the same place.

    I am sure all my friends out there, it is possible and it will happen. Dont expect it to happen, it will, at the right time. This needs dedicated practice and all guidelines of meditation, strictly followed.

    Abhi, your videos are a treasure for me. Thanks once again.


  208. Yao says:

    Dear Abhi,
    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity out of your free will. I’ve been waitng for this for long. Will inform you about my progress as soon as possible. Keep doing it, you’re great.

  209. Ben says:

    Oie, umm Abhi will you have planned Q&A AP installments in the ‘near future? I don’t to bombard you with new questions unless you wish replay to some, so I’ll ask two in the latter bit. In other words, your 241 questions did help fill some gaps regarding to the astral plane ‘enforced rules’ and AP/real body emotion control.

    Q: Can the vibration process while in midst of breaking from our body PRIOR to achieving AP be disrupted or… is that DURING astral projection when its severed if someone disturbs the sleeping body?
    *****Reason I ask is I did succeed reach the vibration state for the 1st time (using Binaural Beats) and then bam, to my bitter annoyment someone walks without regard to my isolation request enters the room talking and leaves but I decide to wake up the body there, instead of remain still to see if I could preserve this +1hr built stance.*****

    Q: When do we “open” our eyes safely once in the AP state but not breaking the weaken bonds between AP and reality. Or some visual sight that’ll appear in our mind’s eye?

  210. Ronda says:

    Hi Abhi!
    I trust Life is Grand for you and yours! I am grateful for your generosity; you are obviously living as is intended for each of this soul group, from you love filled heart space. I am forever more thrilled to note such qualities in others of the physical realm. Containing an infinite being in a body is not the easiest of tasks and constitutes the first lesson once incarnated in this dense space. However, as we each raise our vibratory frequency allowing thoughts, words & actions to come from heart, we become beacons of hope to others & simultaneously raise their vibrations as well. As creators, this is of great importance at this time in history and I thank you again for your assistance to Humanity and Earth.

    As for your program, I haven’t completed the videos, but felt compelled to let you know of my gratitude! I spent most of my childhood “outside” of my body to the extent that by the time I was about 22 years old, I was so “unaware” of my container that I shut a car door on my ankle the same day I had a cast removed; while my ankle was re-injured, I learned a valuable lesson. Therefore, I spent the first half of my 20’s becoming acquainted with my body. Presently, I give thanks to my body throughout each day (usually out loud and WOW you should see the looks, LOL); when in pain, I also ask the associated space within, from where does the pain stem and is there a message for me or a healing practice I need to engage.

    Anyway, how humorous it is sometimes for me to realize the circle within my own life; perhaps it is humorous because going round ‘n round tends to make one dizzy, right?

    Sending you Much Love & Laughter throughout all eternity, only to the extent that it is for your highest good & the ALL ~ Ronda ~

  211. Lori says:

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis twice, and the second time the experience was very strange. My favorite Aunt was in the hospital and her chances of survival were grim. I “had a dream” that I was in her hospital room and she was sitting on the edge of her bed in her hospital gown, her wrists were bound together (or she was holding them together because I didn’t see a rope or anything) and she was holding them out to me. In a very pleading voice she said “I can’t DO this anymore”. That’s all I remember from the dream but when I “woke up” I was paralyzed. I could only move my eyes. This was about 4:oo am. I think I went back to bed eventually because I was woken by the phone ringing. It was my mom, she called to tell me my Aunt (her sister) had passed away early that morning, around 4:oo am. I was speechless. I thought maybe she came to me, but now I wonder if I went to her. I DO NOT believe for a second that this was a coincidence.
    Also, shortly after my father died (this was a few years later), I drempt I was talking to him on the phone, but even in my dream I knew he was dead, so I asked him “what’s it like up there”? He said “it’s really nice, REALLY nice”, I was so shocked tht all I could say was “really?” and he said “well, it’s not spectactular”. I had been praying to him to come visit me in my dreams because for some reason I needed to know he was okay. He said a lot of things but at one point he said “Lori, I just got here. I’ve been learning a lot of things and I don’t think the way I used to. I still have a lot to learn”. I thought this was odd but the more I read about this subject the more I think I understand what he meant. Can you please explain these “dreams” if you can? I’ve been trying to astral project for a couple of weeks now but so far I haven’t been successful.

  212. Lori says:

    Sorry, I almost forgot, I really enjoyed the videos. They answered A LOT of questions I had. They’ve helped significantly in taking the fear out of the idea of astral projection. I’ve been trying for 3 weeks now and all I’ve felt was this tingling sensation throughout my body, but I believe with more practice I will be able to achieve an AP. I’m using my own technique which seems to be working better (I’m at least getting the tingling with my technique, where I wasn’t feeling anything before). I just watched your videos 2 days ago and as I said, I feel a lot more at ease.

  213. Jay-Julius says:

    Hey Abhi,
    I really pray to succeed in this new adventure of yours.

    What are the process or the things i should do to be a perfect Astral projector.

    please kindly let me know them so as to enable me start as soon as possible.



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    Please kindly advice me on what to do.



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    Did you try to use links provided in earlier reply posted by Abhi to Cynthia. If that doesn’t work that means your computer might have installed a Firewall or other program that prevents you from downloading. Or might be the Browser you’re using. If those links still don’t work, try other Computer. I have four. Still like to use Win XP but Vista and 7 are faster. I hope that your problem is resolved by now any way. Mark

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    I have downloaded the files, can hear on mp3 but cannot view though I am using Gom Player.

  222. Penn says:

    I’ve suffered from depression since the past year, and the idea of astral projection has improved my mood much more than anything else. I’ve gotten to the vibrational state, and can get to it within a matter of minutes, but I haven’t progressed further yet. I stay relatively calm, so it’s not fear that’s holding me back. I can’t wait until my first (conscious) OBE.
    Thank you for your guidance, your book is very informative.

  223. Deshay says:

    Your video series is incredible! I learned a lot from them, so thanks a lot. Oh, and there’s a question I was hoping you could answer for me. See, I’ve been practicing astral projection with the Monroe technique, however, even after practice is over, my entire head and face still feels numb and I also feel this kind of squeezing pressure on my face. Is that normal?

  224. David says:


    I have just downloaded the videos and will go through them in just a little bit. I believe I will appreciate the value and the training I believe is in them.

    Many years ago I began to have an OBE at my request but then feared I might not return. The result of that fear was actually an OBE but, not to the destination I had originally requested.

    It is a long story but I did learn one valuable point from it; ‘Never doubt or fear the granting of a safe and prosperous journey through your request’.

    thank you for offering this valuable information you have given us.

    I will return with more in depth thoughts as I go through the videos.

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    Fabulous, Amazing & Inspiring.
    God Bless U πŸ™‚

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    Dear Abhi

    I’ve heard of AP before but never really understood it till now. I had one OBE a long time ago and it was just out of this world. Can’t remember exactly how I had come across to having it but it was awesome. Now with your help I can do it at will, I can’t wait, I’m so excited, just hope your way works.

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    Thanks again!

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    A wonderful insight as new vistas of knowledge started opening up there.

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    your friend

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    It is surprising to get your special gift ,especially for TMA ,I will try my best to successfully Astral Project as I dreamed for a long time, .For your information I have also trying self hypnotic to reach the vibration needed to get Astral Project. I hope my dream will come true.
    I do not know how to express my gratitude for your Kindest attention in guiding me to reach my dream. Up to this moment I am not able to detect the cause for my un-ability to AP.( during the entrainment usually I fall asleep, and I am not able focus , as my mind always jumping from one object to the other object usually forgetting the first object). Thanks again Abhi.

    Best Regards,


  233. Sal says:

    I have only browsed through the videos so far but they have already answered so many unasked questions in my mind. AP has been something I discovered months ago but did not know its true meaning/form and now the pieces are coming together! Thank you for these videos my mind is at ease… for now πŸ˜‰ =D

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    saya pernah beberapa kali mengalami proyeksi astral ketika masih muda, sekarang saya berumur 44 tahun. apakah saya masih dapat belajar hal itu. saya harap dengan melakukan download ini saya dapat memahami kembali proyeksi astral.
    saya sangat berterimakasih kepada anda


  241. Idin says:

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    I have several times experienced astral projection when I was younger, now I am 44 years old. can I still learn about it. I hope by doing this download I can understand back astral projection.
    I am very grateful to you


  242. Michael says:

    I have 2 question that wasnt in the videos. What happens if we AP and then our physical body is moved without us knowing, will we still be able to get back to it? And if we are AP and something happens to our physical body will it affect us astrally? or cause us to instantly return to the body, or possibly kill us?

    On another note I just realized I may have been close to having APs without knowing it. And when I was younger I shared my feelings with my younger brothers who said they had the same at some points. I was sleeping, and it feels like my body is still sleep, but my mind becomes totally awake. I cannot move or open my eyes so I am completely blind basically. I feel like something is happening, or about to happen, so I am trying to wake my self up or open my eyes but it won’t happen. Finally when I wake up I have the feeling I am falling and I jump and startle awake. But sometimes my eyes open to another “closed eyes-unable to move dream” where I have to repeat myself. I cant explain what I feel but I just think I am dying so I want to stop myself.

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    being doing that for years. looking fwds to being able to control it.
    many thanks

  247. Prince says:

    Thanks alot man for the faqs i didnt read it though not yet but i will in about 10 20 minutes im a new b to AP im tryn from like 8 days havnt done much of a progress yet used some beats too just had an experience once when i thot some heavy energy was being released like i was sinking and since it was the first time it happend i cudnt control my instincts like a drowning man in a pool of water i just got up… it was fascinating
    thanks alot to u man

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  253. Helen says:

    I purchased your audio book. I haven’t even finished Module 1. I stopped listening as soon as I got to the lucid dreaming part. I am already an avid lucid dreamer and I never knew that one could astral project through lucid dreaming until I learned it from you. So I have been practicing the, “Am I dreaming?” tip in the daytime, but have written it on my arm as a reminder, and sure enough, last night I looked down at my arm and realized that I was having a lucid dream. I willed my dream scenery away and I had my first astral projection, I think. I visited my mother in the same house, but a different room and saw she had her blue nightgown on. She had my dog sleeping next to her on her bed. I cannot understand why because my dog was actually sleeping in in my bedroom in her own dog bed, so why was she sleeping with my mom? I must be just dreaming. Perhaps a lucid dream about astral projecting? Next, I find myself tossed into my moms bed and I try to yell into her ear and squeeze her cheeks together to see if she can hear or feel me. She rustles a bit in her sleep and next thing I see is that she has four arms. It looks as if her physical self is still sleeping while her astral body’s arms are reaching out to grab me, so I fly up quickly so she cannot get a hold of me. The dog on her bed barks at me. My dog? Her astral dog self? I get away fast and then I will myself to visit my boyfriend in his home. When I get there, I get tossed onto his bed and I notice he was wearing a sage green t-shirt. I yell in his ear to try to wake him. He rolls his eyes a bit, and the next thing I know, my dog is scratching on the wood floor and the noise pulls me right back into my body and I wake up. I journal everything down and go back to sleep thinking that it was all just a dream, because my dog on my mom’s bed doesn’t make any sense- it must all of been a dream. This morning, though, after waking up I go immediately to my mom’s room and she is wearing the same night gown that I saw in my lucid dream. In reality though, I thought she had got rid of that blue night gown because she had just purchased a new gown to sleep in, but to my surprise she was still wearing the blue one. Then I go call my boyfriend and ask him what he wore to sleep and he said he was wearing the same one I saw in my lucid dream. So maybe I did astral travel. I don’t know.
    I will have to try it again.

  254. Avi Sankar says:

    Hi Abhi , I`m Avi I have had an OOBE once . Everytime i try to do this projection again i feel vibrations all around sometimes i feel very light as if i am rising but i keep falling . Sometimes i feel as though i am spining all around but not for long .

  255. W. Marie says:

    Been astral projecting and lucid dream experiences since “forever”. Never knew what it was called though. I thought this was normal, that everyone could do these things. Astral projecting and lucid dreams – controlling and acknowledging your dreaming. Moving about.

    Relaxing and projecting my astral body into a scenery which I invisioned is AMAZING.

    I go from astral experiences to lucid dream experiences and combinations of the two. This is a frequent thing for me.

    I’ve experienced astral sex, flying, levetating (which is my favorite) and always I have had great experiences. It just comes natural for me. I can feel myy astral body leaving my physical body as I project. It’s weird. There’s also, sometimes, a slight discomfort in my head, but it fades away just as fast as it happens.

    I wrote a book about my experiences with astral projection and lucid dreams called: “Dreams or Reality” by W. Marie Dauntain. Check it out. It’s available online at most online book stores except Borders. You can get it online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

    Thanks for all the information you have made available through your ebooks.

  256. Joshua says:

    hey your videos are very helpful. over the past three years i have been projecting and to figure it all out by myself became a task. its nice knowing others wont have to experience this the hard way

  257. Hannah says:

    The videos are amazing and i’ve found them v.helpful.
    I’m 13 and I started trying to Astral project 2 weeks ago, but i’m still not getting any results.
    I’ve tried the rope technique but the furthest i get is a small vibration in my fingertips, then i start to feel heavy and i feel like i’m about to astral project but then i move and everything just stops.
    I’d appreciate any help plz πŸ™‚

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  259. sidhu says:


    I’m just wondering whether is this the time for me to start??? i’m just 18… n love studying a lot. will this affect any of my behavior??

    I mean that any awakened person will actually never have to study any thing.. for he is omnipotent virtually…

    could you send me some breathing exercises that will help me to concentrate and gain mental strength…..plz….

  260. Gerald says:

    Last night, I had an AP. I was in my local neighborhood. It was late evening, and I was running. I haven’t run like that since I was in my late teens. The speed, the strength, the freedom. It was great. But as I passed by my neighbor’s house, his dogs started barking at me, and I realized I was wearing only a white T-shirt and underwear. The AP continued on from there, but I have a question… Why am I always almost naked in the Astral Plane? This isn’t the only time I have found myself naked, or nearly so. Why? Have any ideas?

  261. guru says:

    namaste abhi,
    it feels great2know bout a guy whose doin such a great job in our country..where there r not many people doin the same.,congrats and keep up ur great work..
    May god bless u…
    By the way,i had a 2 have past lives’ regression during astral projection??kindly answer me….

  262. Deb Dennant says:


    Thank you for this fantastic series.

    I used to be able to Astrally Travel when I was a child but have been unable to since my late teens!

    Hopefully, I will now be able to again!

    Many thanks,


  263. Scott Nicholas says:

    I just dl’d your series, and two names resonated with me bigtime: Robert Munroe, a pioneer in the field and someone whom I have not heard mention of or even THOUGHT about for decades… Lobsang Rampa, author of “The Third Eye”.
    (If memory serves, I believe it was published under T. Lobsang Rampa.) Though as mentioned this name is, for me, a reference to a memory from my distant past it provokes an extremely strong and positive chord, and for this reason:
    That book, perhaps more than any other in my entire life opened my mind up to the possibility that ANYTHING is possible. His evocative detailing of his life in a Tibetan monastery, his education, his experiences with “otherworldly” pursuits (such as OOBEs), reincarnation, etc. was so profound that simply by mentioning him in your “240 Questions” has reawakened my desire to recapture the passion to explore unexplored realms once again. So to you, sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart… and to any reader of this post, I HIGHLY recommend that you find a copy of “The Third Eye” and experience T. Lobsang Rampa. Enjoy your travels, all!…

  264. Scott Nicholas says:

    Ijust wrote a long post about T. Lobsang Rampa, but it will NOT post because I keep getting a message back that it’s a “duplicate” post which I have “said before”… which is impossible since this is the 1st time I’ve ever been here..

  265. Scott says:

    Your “240 Questions” refers to someone whom I have not heard mention of or even THOUGHT about for decades… Lobsang Rampa, author of “The Third Eye”.
    (If memory serves, I believe it was published under T. Lobsang Rampa.) Though as mentioned this name is, for me, a reference to a memory from my distant past it provokes an extremely strong and positive chord, and for this reason:
    That book, perhaps more than any other in my entire life opened my mind up to the possibility that ANYTHING is possible. His evocative detailing of his life in a Tibetan monastery, his education, his experiences with “otherworldly” pursuits (such as OOBEs), reincarnation, etc. was so profound that simply by mentioning him in your “240 Questions” has reawakened my desire to recapture the passion to explore unexplored realms once again. So to you, sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart… and to any reader of this post, I HIGHLY recommend that you find a copy of “The Third Eye” and experience T. Lobsang Rampa. Enjoy your travels, all!…

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    Click Here For Step-By-Step
    Astral Projection Instructions

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  274. Michael John says:

    Thank you for the information …. I stumbled upon this by chance… but my belief is that everything happens for a reason…. and I was meant to find your site/course at this point in my life… this is exactly what I need to move forward spiritually. Thank you…and I look forward to learning and experiencing …


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    Abhi I request you to give me your contact details.

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    have very childish question and also you may feel laughing but have to ask as dnt have othr option thn to try nd succed at ths,
    the most misdereable problem is i cant imagine myself only means like how i look then how to picture myself waking up

  278. Duko says:

    Hello, i beliΠ΅ved that AP can only be done by meditation in deep trance, but when i had spontaneously AP i believed that i can do it my self. I’m 18 years old and i have LD since 10 years old, i thought that i was different from other people but not long ago i learned that LD is a good thing. I have two types of LD, first, when i dream i know that i’m dreaming and i know from where all things in the dream come from, and why, but i don’t control the things, second, when i dream i control the dream and control the things in the dream (i can make my own world, by my will, i can do everything), and every time when i dream like that it’s end up in awΠ°ΠΊΠ΅ dream (its like lie down on the bed with your eyes closed and fully awake but dreaming), can u tell me is that a good thing i’m doing here, and some advice, and also can u tell me where can i subscribe to your mailing list. tnx

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    i’m 21 i just want to share my experience bout my unconscious. astral projection i’ve got interested in astral projection when i have watched the movie insidious previously. now i can say that i’m experiencing unconscious astral projection (because of your videos) when i was young until today but it only happened rarely sometimes consecutively. the astral projection i am experiencing is not successfully accomplished. unconsciously it happened and at 1st i thought i was just having nightmares because of i cannot moved my body and now i have learned that i’m experiencing sleep paralysis (thanks to your video) and also i’m hearing things i do not know where they coming from like many people were talking loud at a time or a buzz and it really scares me not knowing that’s a part of the process and also there were times i’m seeing the scene where i’m sleeping (i know that i’m sleeping) but i’m seeing my room it’s like my eyes were open but i know and sure that i’m asleep and one time i saw myself sleeping and i felt that i was kinda floating while seeing my body in bed but still didn’t try to travel because of lack of knowledge bout astral travel. so now that i’m knowledgeable bout this i want to practice because i can’t remember the last attempt of my body to astral project unconsciously. if i’ve just known it earlier i will not be scared of having SP and continue the process till i get there. now i’m havin a hard time tryin to astral project consciously i wish unconscious astral projction attack me again so that when that happens i know what to do and i know that there’s nothing to be afraid of… this is really an eye opener for me thanks a lot Sir Abhi…

  282. emmmnauel phillips says:

    Thanks ABHI for your videos.

  283. thank you, for you wisdom on this, it has helped me very much, in my quest, to understanding my gifts here, on the earth plane, in light, and love, always, pamela

  284. Riska says:

    Hi Abhi, I downloaded your FAQ video and now on the video part 4. That was amazing and in a sense it has answered my own questions that bugging me for some years.
    About couple years ago, at around 10 PM I was sitting on a relaxed chair and attempted to meditate using my MP3 (contained binaural beats) but to no avail as the neighboor outside of my window talking really loud and make lots of noises. it was summer and lots of parent and children were still outside playing and socializing.
    Annoyed and frustrated, I gave up my attempt to concentrate and just close my eyes and just sitting there quitely, listening to outside chattering and let my mind wandering mindles.

    About 10-15 minutes later, I suddenly realized that I did not hear the commotion outside anymore. It was suddenly became so quite and a bit eery like I was in a deep wel or deep tunel. It was pitched black around me, the only thing I’ve heard was the soft rushing sound on my MP3. No chattering from outside whatsoever but yet I knew they were still there and I was not sleeping.
    it was weird, I somehow heard some distant conversation around me which I knew not coming from out side. the window. I could not make any sense of what these people around me talking about, it was like on and off conversation.
    I was on those state for about couple of minutes untill my black cat jumped behind the back of my chair, landing with a thud and sit her self on it. The chair rocked and I was startled and pulled out from my dark tunnel and until then I realized that I was gone for those a few minutes.
    That was amazing experiences but I could not figur out what was happening that night.
    Only after I watched your video (I am on part 4 now) it;s down on me that I was somehow that night being pulled in a near AP experience.
    I am pretty sure now.

    By the way, this morning I was meditate lying on my bed, I have not have AP but I felt my body was numb and vibrate a little bit, I lost feeling on my head. I tried to will my self out but did not succeed. It was heavy and then I kind of losing focus and my mind started chattering again. I then finished my meditation and got up for work.I hope with some practise I would be able to experience at least the same state I was a year ago.
    Thank you for your wonderful video and i was looking forward to practice and i will update you once I have my real first experiences of OOB.

    With grateful,


    I have been trying to relive that experience again, but unfortunately never happened anymore.

  285. Matt says:

    Thank you a ton for putting out the 240 Q’s video it helped a lot and answered most of my questions! I’ve started practicing meditation but i find it very hard to clear my mind and focus. I’ve downloaded some Binary Beats and they do help but i still find my mind clouded with thoughts is there anything else i can do to help clear my mind and focus?

  286. Niki says:


    what book do you recommend for a beginner ?
    is astral travel dangerous ?
    i take mushrooms once a year and i encountered some nasty entities i then call
    michael and he has the body of a person with wings and the head of a hawk.
    crazy stuff

    much love

  287. Wil says:

    Thank you.

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    I tried to download the Astral Projection Underground 5 Videos, 3 times with no success, I would very much like to see the videos, what am I doing wrong ?? can anyone help me with that ??

  289. watmon says:

    do you have some books for reference

  290. Rajasekhar says:

    Hi Abhi,

    First of all my heartful thanks to you.

    I am a newbie for AP. I have gone through the FAQ. Its incredible collection.

    I will learn these techniques very soon and start practising.

    I remember that I have an experience like I am falling from hill edge. then my physical body shakes and wakes up. this happened many times. what is this ?

    Abhi can you please explain about the above experience please.


    Please guide, teach, direct me …. I am very interested to learn this AP.


  291. Ferri says:

    i want to learn about astral projection.but i can not open the link of the website (an Introduction to Astral Projection Astral Projection – The Naked TRUTH!). Can you help send it to my email.



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    Why I have so much trouble to download the 5 videos from FAQ can anyone help me ??? Thank you

  293. mak says:

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    Thank You Very Much for Sharing Your Divine Insights With Us.

  294. Lenny says:

    Dear Abhi,
    Love the randomness. The more brain clutter the better for me.

    Because I require sleep, I like to leave messages for my “astral body”, so when I awake from a dream, my memory stays in tune. Kind of like text messaging my truer self, and responding to someone I love, myself. I usually like to leave my messages when really tired, or exhausted from whatever. My message is always true to myself, and sometimes more than one message. 99% of the time more than one message. Your message can be a question form, or a motivational phrase, complex problem involving good and evil, or anything that you want yourself to figure out with a chalkboard for notes that stretches beyond your vision…etc..Whatever it is, it is limitless. Just remember, when you wake up with a response you were looking for, your getting somewhere. It makes my basic dreams that more productive.

    On other occasions, I wake up somewhere, and go for it. I couldn’t talk to someone in detail about it, because I feel that one man’s/woman’s belief should not affect his folk. Mystery is good.

    Complexities and simplicities are the same where i go, in an essence that it takes the same amount of time to explain one or the other.

    Congrats to everyone out there for figuring out your nature. If i typed something intriguing, sorry for little description, because I truly am not a teacher, I am a brother who understands the uniqueness and mirror imaging of a family.

  295. Tony Zack says:

    I am from christian religion and astral projection is obviously prohibited, but… as I now get my mind out of the box, I also find out so many truth out there that even enrich my spiritual life, so in regard of astral things I am also very positive there’ll be also positive aspects that can deepen my spiritual riches even more.
    Have not finished your whole 5 video yet but already got excited about it. Will find more time to absorbs and practice.
    I was in many aspects of ministry so psychic things were ordinary things for me, hope astral projection won’t be too hard to be learned.
    Thank you for being generous by giving free lessons. May you be blessed in return.


  296. Adam Hussein Adam says:

    I have just receieved the five 5 video yet but already got excited about it. Will find more time to absorbs and practice. I hope astral projection won’t be too hard to be learned. Thank you for being generous by giving free lessons. May you be blessed in return.

    Thank you

  297. Pradeep says:

    Hello Abhi,
    I was listening to your video recordings and they were very interesting. I want to share a couple of experience that I had a year or so ago. I do not know whether to call it imagination or was a real experience. I am sure I was not hallucinating.

    First experience that I was experiencing was that someone (a soul) is following me. I could for some reason feel something around me at several instances, the when in sleep I repeatedly on several days felt a force strangling my neck and I would not be able to move my body, lift my legs or hands and reach out to my wife next to me in bed and would have to struggle to come out of it and reach to her then the would all disappear. Then I was talking to my cousin who is a hypnotherapist and she said why am I scared to talk to the soul as all souls are divine. She asked me to ask the soul who and what purpose it is following me for. She also mentioned that since I do a lot of meditation, it could be that my energy levels are getting higher and any outside energy (soul) lodged in me could no longer stay in you and it exited me and now it doesn’t know where to go and its bothering you. She thought me a grounding technique and I tried it. Every time I tried I was disturbed by some petty things. finally I did it and one night I had the same strangling experience and I said to my self I am not going to run away from this I need to find out who this is. And I asked who you are to the energy that was bothering me. It was a girl and she said her name was ” Anjali”. It freaked me out and I woke up.

    It pondered on this for a long time, I can’t fully say I was dreaming, but I couldn’t 100% say that there was a soul either for lack of understanding of the credibility of such a thing to happen.

    My second experiences was totally divine. I was in my car at a intersection and at the light when it was my turn to go, I proceeded and a van drove right into me, I braked and missed the van in millimeters. There was this car right next to me and it followed me after this. I was feeling that a angel helped me out of this and was feeling blessed I missed the accident, or else I could be dead there. The car next to me followed me to my office parking lot and I have never seen that car in out office area before. I pulled in and the other car pulled in next to me. A man bent through the door window and said – “An Angel was watching you man”. I felt like it was the same thing that I was thinking and I spoke to the man for a minute or two. I turned and reached my pocket to check if I got my car keys and turned right back and this guy with the car was not there. It was less just a second or two between me checking my keys and turning back to the guy and he was not there. I looked through the entire huge parking lot and there is no way some one could have driven away in less than a second. I was so certain that there was a red Pontiac and a guy in shorts, looked like a rich golfer talking to me. I had chills all over my body. Never have experienced something like that.

    Could that be real. Do souls come and bother humans and does angels come and give guest appearances. Two experience that I can’t ever forget.

    Just felt like sharing with you and was wondering if you have any insight about such experiences.

    Thanks for patiently reading.


  298. admin says:

    Hi Pradeep

    It was interesting to hear your experiences.

    When the Astral body is leaving the Physical body, our body can feel completely paralyzed. It seems as if it is impossible to move it. And very often, the feeling is as if someone is throttling us, or sitting on our chest. Your experience can very well might be that. But, to be doubly sure, next time if you ever happen to meet “Anjali”, ask her lovingly what she wants of you. I know it is normal to freak you out, but if you do not ask, you will not get the answer. Let me know how it goes.

    Regarding Angels, yes, they exist. And your experience is a very interesting one. I would recommend purchasing and reading any book by Doreen Virtue. I recently read her book “Signs from Above”. You will get a lot of answers to your questions πŸ™‚

  299. Amit says:


    I have read your 240 questions answered which is very helpful. Can you solve my query? Yesterday midnight, I tried to see myself floating on my body. Suddenly I was in panic and after opening my eyes I felt like facing an earthquake. I stood up, and then simply tried to sleep but still panic was inside me, and I afraid even through the noises of paper. Thereafter, I could remove the fear and sleep after chanting of mantra. Is this situation more or less concerned with astral projection? If yes then what mistake I was doing? Thanks

  300. Adel says:

    Hi Abhi,
    Thank you for the questions and answers,it was very helpful ,and make a lot of sense ,

  301. rakesh says:

    thank u very much……

  302. hendry says:

    hello…i just start to this astral project, but i have problem in visualization…can u help me please, even i meditated for 2 hours is still not working..

  303. S.D.Pereira says:

    solo una vez tuve una proyecion astral*supongo( y vi salir mi cuerpo, estaba durmiendo, y me costo volver a entrar en mi cuerpo./ Hace muy poco

  304. deepak says:

    thank u for sharing this knowledge

  305. appu says:

    how much does these videos actually costs for downloading?

  306. laura says:

    thank you for sharing videos and knowlegde . and I wish the best for you

  307. Marinos says:

    the answers of the questions helped me a lot… have been trying to reach that state consciously for a long time without knowing what that state was .. thank you very much. i hope you be always happy

  308. Naveen says:

    wow excellent…..superb !!! no words for u really….
    Destiny somehow made me to meditate evn without my conscious, the same person really hated spirituality 2yrs back & suddenly everything changed around me when i started meditatin each n evry day…..i receive tons of cosmic energy evryday….but i wanted to knw abt astral projection and how to control it whn in unconscious…..
    Really i m vry grateful to you for ma entire lifetime….I referred many books but none shared the information which u hv shared…..Hats-off to u……
    Now i daily do AP as i want even durin conscious sleep ……i play wit my environment using AP… is so amazing really after watchin your videos….
    Self-knowledge is growin day by day…….i really believe in the power of thoughts….
    constantly i used to think about astral projection and that i need some valuable source where i can really know about it…..hence the energy made me to meet you……Amazing !!! Excellent work…. What a man you are…..these dayz people hesitate to share even a small portion of the knowledge which dey have….if at all they share, they do expect something in return….this is where you are an exception

  309. Chloe says:

    As a Christian, a friend told me that AP is associated with evil, and occult (devilry and black magic) does it mess with your soul? Are there other deceiving spirits out in the Astral planes which will try and ruin your faith with God? (if you believe in him)

    I hope you can answer my questions


  310. Suresh says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom much appreciated
    for your generosity to lift the human mankind.
    Wish you all the very best in your effort and endeavour to uplift the human mankind lost in the darkness absolute turmoil confused totally which the badshape in which the world is placed today.

  311. Henrik14 says:

    I must say that I am confused: You talk about VIDEOS and I can find just AUDIO files?
    So, where are videos?

  312. admin says:

    Hi Henrik
    You need to use the a player that can play MP4 files. Please use either VLC or Gom player. Or any other player that supports MP4 format.

  313. Urmila says:

    Hi Abhi..<{:))..

    Thank you for all the wonderful info through FAQ….It helps to clear a lot of misconceptions people have. Your answers are direct focused with clarity which reflects in your powerful, clear and wonderful voice.<{:))

    I am a spiritually guided cosmic healer.. and have been practicing since 1996..and have had lot of which OOBE is one of them….For some reason I am astrally blind when I do the healing..but then I have been told by my HS that it is with purpose for the kind of work that I do…Lot of it is healing and soul retrieving while My physical body is sleeping..i.e in my dreams and meditations…just having the intention is enough and you have the support of all the angels and Masters and spirtiul guides..<{:)) The best experience I remember is when I was taking the treatment my self and my student who can visualize was telling me to get back in my body but I wouldn't listen and my astral body started giving my physical body treatment assisting my student…I found it so hilarious..<{:)) So, have had many many experiences I just want to say that OOBE is a wonderful experience traveling in the ( MY favorite… word) Timeless Zone . and to be in the this zone one has to stop being ruled by the time by the watch…or the clock hanging on the wall.<{:))
    One good tip is one has to be relaxed all the time ""Actively passive and Passively Active..making a habit of relaxing all the time…More later looking forward to see more on your blog..<{:))
    Love Urmila.<{:))

  314. Puneet says:

    Dear Abhi,


    Many thanks for the clarity and simplicity with which you have explained Astral Projection. The knowledge you have shared with me has made me fall in Love with Astral Projection. I have read about Astral Projection from many places but the way you have explained is simply amazing.

    Thanks once again.

    Puneet Jain

  315. Abdullah says:

    i believe, in Most of the Eastern cultures Astral Travel Practice can be found and is taught by the adepts who are Esoterically inclined.

    i once was briefly trained under my Sufi Grandnmaster (Guru) – in Indonesia, employing a combination of techniques consisting mainly of meditation, rythmic deep and shallow breathings together with Dzikr (Islamic religious chants). i was instructed to practice the rythmic breathing plus dzikr sessions daily which took me about an hour per day to complete. After about two weeks of this routine, then my Guru was satisfied with my ‘Spiritual Strengh’ and proceeded with the training proper.

    My Guru explained that i needed to be ‘Spiritually Strengthened’ before embarking on a ‘Long’ spiritual Journey. ie i must be Powerful Spiritually if i’m about to be embarking on an ‘Infinite/Spiritual’ Journey.

    During my very first training with my Sufi Guru which lasted for about forty minutes, i was shocked and amazed when my Guru was able to Describe Precisely/Exactly the Rest of what i had experienced and vividly envisioned of the places that i had sporadically and briefly journeyed to. That forty minute session seemed like it had lasted only fifteen minutes, then!

    In Later Theory lessons/session i was blessed to be taught and given several Qur’anic ‘incantations’ as a means of Very Powerful Defence/Protection just in case i met with Powerful and Evil Entities during my Astral Travels.

    At one point during my intriguing and lengthy discussions which i had with my Sufi Guru, i asked him that supposed that later on when i’m competent enough to ‘Proficiently’ Astral Travel, whether i would be able to get out/escape from a Black Hole once i dive into it!

    My Guru answered, “Yes, it’s Possible (to do so).” i learned that our body has become ‘indestructible’ since logically, it’s in a Spiritual form/State, where as the Black-Hole is a Physical Phenomenon.

    Also, my Sufi Guru explained that the Difference between ‘Our Islamic/Qur’anic’ (Astral Travel) Instructions from the rest of the available instructions found in other esoteric teachings is that a Spiritually & Highly Developed Muslim Practitioner would be able to ‘Penetrate’ a so called ‘Prohibited Boundary/realm’ which is reserved only for Angels and Pious Saints (Walis).

    The above expose reminded me of a previous personal experience of a Female Muslim friend of mine who had enactedone of her Astral Travel experiece. i recalled her mentioning that she once had reached a particular boundary in ‘space’ where she was unable to proceed ‘through’ to the ‘other side’ where she yearned to join/be among a group of smilingly ‘Saintly People’ as there seemed to exist a sort of an electrical/lightning force-field/barrier which had prevented her entry to the other side.

    Thus, she sadly had to depart from that ‘region’ while the Saints Sadly but Approvingly looked on.

    i guessed (to my mind) although she was then a good Muslim, she had’nt yet achieved a Sainly spiritual Status just yet which would otherwise had enabled her to easily ‘penetrate through’ the ‘force-field’ and thus able to be among the so called ‘Rijaal Al Ghoib’ (Saintly Group/Elites of GOD Almighty.) GOD Knows Best..

    May Peace be upon You All.

  316. Antonio Oscar says:

    Human mind are the most precious unknown to everybody; I did learn lots from the others, but lots by myself too. Human experience still a taboo, and many stay in secrecy. Many years ago I have had a experience by meditation, not just be levitate, also astral experience too. Trough meditation not just our spirit go away from the body, that myself look like I was travelling towards the stratosphere. I have to thank you to learn more; because do not matter how much know, we still learn to improved what we know about it. A.Oscar

  317. Sangeet Bhattacharya says:

    Hello Abhi,
    I have a question for you: “Did your parents know that you can astral project? Did you tell your parents about your first OOBE just after achieving it?

    Please….please answer this,…………

  318. Phil says:

    First off, thank you. I have only downloaded the ebook so far as I use my phone for internet as my pc is unreliable, but they are quite helpful. I used to be able to open my eyes from a dream as a way of escaping a nightmare, but since I have faced a few fears and improved my life and understanding of it I am having better ones. So far I can achieve the physical feelings and I am getting nearer to AP, but find it difficult to fully let go. Any advice would be appreciated.

  319. rubel says:

    thanks for sharing ur knowledge,can u give me ur email id so that i can personally contact with u.

  320. tana says:

    Thanks so much for the videos.I can’t wait to try them.

  321. Bernadette says:

    Thank you for emailing the 5 videos.
    I found them very easy to understand and your answers to the questions most sincere and beneficial.
    Do keep up the good work and help more people realize their true potential, that they are truly a “spiritual being” in a “physical body”.
    With regard to the “fear” aspect involved, when you find yourself thinking or feeling fear, simply replace it immediately with a positive thought and action. i.e. Think of yourself succeeding and the positive action, with your thought, this will immediately stop any negative thoughts and with pratcise you will succeed.
    Once you convince yourself that it is possible, it is just a matter of time!
    With renewed thanks.

  322. francis says:

    I don’t know if my experience is astral projection.but sometimes when Im asleep ,I know that I am dreaming.because I am consciously awake in my dreaming state. I know that It is a I can do something amazing,just like floating in the air or run as fast as I can, but sometimes I feel like I was being electrify by a current which started in my butt going to my arms or tickling sensation but when I reach in that state I urgent make my self awake.There is only one thing I would like to ask, when I am awake after I am dreaming, I sometimes forgot what I am doing in my dreams stage but only one thing I say,I enjoy what I experience when in a dream stage

  323. David says:

    Hey, So one day I decided to check out Astral Projection after watching a movie (Insidious) and this totally blew my mind. I mean it sounds unbelievable but can’t say for sure unless you have tried/experienced it. I have tried one method with the binatural beats at night sleeping. What I began to notice was how heavy my body started to feel. As if my arms and legs had no energy to move or lift them what so ever. I also started to get itchy and had sudden urges to toss and turn in bed, I don’t know if that is normal but I ignored it and moments later I noticed myself walking through a dark tunnel or dungeon. As I floated around like a wondering ghost, I noticed a small, white piggy bank. Clueless on where to go , I also saw this strange.. gargoyle creature, not really sure what it was but it was dark and had wings for certain. We only made eye contact in the dark but it was only 5 minutes wondering around in that dark area before I woke up all of a sudden. Overall, it was an amazingly crazy experience! Astral Projection is really something of great interest for me and I really enjoyed listening to your videos.

  324. vk zafar says:


    I saw your questions and answer section in that you have just given the headings, but you have shown the main thing how to practice it.

    warm regards

    vk zafar

  325. francis says:

    Thanks for giving the idea of astral projection , Yes I finally started the projection but I felt I was in the other I hope I could do it again..but I can fully go far away from my body.It only limits 50 km from my body..I need help how to do it properly.?

  326. Ambreen says:

    Oh wow, this WAS free. XD For one second I thought it would all be a scam, since it was too good to be true, lol. I’ve tried Astral Projection, but I keep getting stuck at the vibration phase, but thanks to your videos/book, I get how to leave my body freely. Thanks! πŸ˜€

  327. Rick Hendrix says:

    Hi Abhi,

    I finally did it!! It happened after I did a whole brain sinchronization exercise script. I want share this with everyone! Imagine on the white sand beach and sense yourself and the end of the beach then all around you, visaulize, smell and hear the surrounding the go down 10 steps 1 at a time to a level where your thoughts are 1,000 times more powerful than normal then manifest your wish of astral projecting or anything else and this is so!! Then I relaxed and my wish of finding Gariel my adundance angel and instantly was standing next to my body, I looked down at my feet and very clear, I saw my body laying on the bed then I turned around and saw the reflection of what looked like Gabriel with his horn of plenty in my television’s reflection like he was at the window above my bed and it was like daytime and bright but it was early in the morning and dark out. I was so excited that I went out the room and tried to jump and fly to follow him and landed in my body and woke up there! Awesome and ready to do it again this weekend!! The whole brain sinchronization script is available to whoever wants it as my gift to all!! Just send me an e-mail at and will send it to you!! I have already manifest 3 wishes into the physical plane!! Rick

  328. don says:

    i seem to relax and have that floating sinsation but a soon as i realise im having it i goes stright away.

    also have problem relaxing and focasing my mind, been laying down for more than half an hour and no results help please.

  329. Naveen says:

    Hi Abhi

    After watching all of ur videos it was very helpful for me to get answers for many of my doubts……….
    After many tries, few days back i succeeded in projecting myself out of the body but how much ever i tried i couldn’t move my astral body to somewhere far off places……it was just floating and moving around a coconut tree which is just a few miles away from my home……how much ever i try , i am not able to move my astral body away from this tree…..i could see the tree very clearly and i just keep floating around it……it happened everytime i projeceted myself out of my body… please help me how to get out of these and move myself to other places…….

    Also my heart pounds very much with little pain like just before projecting……i feel very panic of it…..
    And also i wanna know whether the Atman(Self), Astral Body all are the same just called by different terminologies or they are different ??
    so please help me out on these queries……

    Thanks for reading
    God bless u:)

  330. thomas jacob says:

    i like to join your mailing list and i like to know more infomation on astral project how do i do this

  331. Miriam says:

    About 10 years ago I was experiencing what I thought were dreams that felt very real. A Psychologist colleague told me I was Astral Projecting. It usually began in a field where I was holding a little girl’s hand. She wore cotton pajama night gown. We would be standing on a wooden gate and leap off into the sky. Sometimes I would be flying in outer space, mountains, or skyscrapers. I was drawn to this offer although I had hoped to experience these dreams again. I hope to find out if these were really dreams or Astral Projection. I am hoping this material will answer my questions and perhaps experiencing a real one if not. Thanks so much for this offier. I hope to share more in the near future.

  332. Rick L says:

    Your answers helped alot. thank you! I have had 5 OBEs over the last 2 yrs that changed my life forever. words cant even come close to describing these experiences. although 3 have been dearing meditation, and 2 were spontaneous. My problem is as my body fades and I am aware. Takes about 20 min. I get this feeling of an electrical surge starting at my feet and slowly comes up my legs. At first its bareable, then it gets very very intense and I tighten the muscles in my legs and the sensation go back down and stops. How do I get past this?

  333. Peter C. Rossi says:

    I can not Believe so many People are having trouble opening up the videos ?
    go to and use the Win Amp Player it works!

  334. Antonio says:

    Hi my name is Antonio and i am 16 years old im still young i realy am very interesting on buying all your cds and books so that i can sucesfully do astral projection πŸ™‚
    But unfortunatly im still too yong to have my own credit card or paypal so i need my parents permision but they denaid me, they dont belive any of this, they think life is only working educating so they say to me that all of this is just a lie to get my mony but i dont belive it, i belive that astral projection is true i realy wanted to learn and help athors. I want to help many people you may not belive me. I heard that if i want to win a lotery to my own selfish reasons i wont be able to see in to the future becuse of my intuition.
    I live in Mozambique there are many poor people so that is one of the reasons i need to learn astral projection to win lotery or any casino games but im still to young to do this so i ask my cousin ,uncle to play for me.
    I cant buy your products but can you give me links of free courses to learn astral projection.If you have facebook can you give me link of your facebook profile to add you as a friend is you dont mind of course. πŸ™‚


    many blessings πŸ™‚

    p.s.Can you contact me in my email to make sure you recive this message?!

  335. Antonio says:

    p.s.s : i loved your video i learnd a lot for watching i hope that some day il be able to do astral projection

  336. marques says:

    i have done this once before (ASTRAL PROJECTION ) ,i was in mexcio i was fully a ware of what was happing i got scard and worke up and then i went back to the old house we were in . , my brother woke me up agine and i had to leave for the airport It was the cooles thing and i love to do it again . thanks for putting this infor out there

  337. Luis Torres says:

    Hey Abhi…so excited to get your vids. I find a very powerful technique that tends to work well with many people is the Merkabah Technique which can also be called the Soul Ship technique. It helps with focus and concentration and its very east to do. I can do the Astral Projection more easily now because of the questions you answered. I used the Merkabah technique for plan balancing the soul but never thought of using it for astral travel till I went through your questions. There are good books about how to start the Merkabah Engine to astral travel in the soul ship but I recommend: Drunvalo Melchizedek “The Ancient Secret of the Flower Of Life” books one and two. It goes into the flower of life where the Merkabah is found and how to Start the Merkabah Engine for travel and even how to astral clean it before take off. very good info I think you will like it. πŸ™‚

  338. mrmathew1963 says:

    Impressed at what you gave out for free, watching the second vid now.
    I used to lucid dream quite a bit & I even astral traveled with others but at the moment it seems quite difficult for various reasons, never know however I might be able to get into it again, just love what you have done.

  339. Twinomugisha says:

    Let me test this Phenomena and Prove it…many people have not appreciated the life beyond the physical realm and have promptly dismissed anything as “New Age” and unreal….but this is really getting practical with the life beyond just the physical…there are people to meet, places to go and experiences to have….we are spirit beings living in bodies and this is much more..

  340. Bunny says:

    Hi Thanks for the Q & A sessions I really enjoyed them . I had an experiance the other night , I was full of vibrations, but never left . I just turned 80 , and back when I was 40 , I had female surgery, I was back in my hospital room , was praying real hard , and then felt my body lifted off the bed 3 times. I asked my rm mate if anyone had been in the Room she said NO. I had cancer, since I have had no treatment s no medications, and I’m cancer free. My thoughts were that the Lord had lifted me up and cured me that night form any further cancer. was I having an OOBE?

  341. mrmathew1963 says:

    I’ve just finished vid 3 & realise that some of the things you are talking about is what I have written on my blog like multiple universes, I thought I had no prior knowing but maybe I did.
    I have experienced a lot of shocking night mares in my time some so vivid & real but with the vivid nightmares however I never get hurt, they just torment me just like you said in vid 3.
    This might seem strange but I think I’m being stopped or hindered in OOBE’s not from what we call evil forces though.
    Thanks mate!!

  342. mrmathew1963 says:

    Thanks a heap as I have a better understanding of where our conscious changes have come from & where shamans, wizards, seers, witches & so forth have attained their info & knowledge.

    I suppose the conscious change that is happening is going to come from or start from the astral plain which makes sense that’s why it is going to be virtually unnoticeable to most until we are well into the conscious change.

    Our astral selves are going to be affected first then it will filter into our conscious selves then we will know that the conscious change has taken affect.

    I don’t know why I have been kept in the dark about the astral plain when I was told about so many other things; I suppose I will find out sooner or later!!

    So you astral travelers out there watch out for the changes in the astral plain, this is going to be a big one, it’s going to change the astral plain forever as the conscious change just doesn’t affect us humans.

  343. Chia ASntonio says:

    Dear Abhi,
    Thanks a lot for the free download. I appreciate your great efforts in doing this for us, global citizens

    Wish you all the best in whatever you do……

  344. gary says:

    Hi matthew,

    it has happened to me . exact same thing i couldnt touch any one physically i felt someone was holding me and it was real vivid. please email me if you guys know what was tht. i woke up and i was shaking and praying to god.If any one knows please email me what was that at
    Put sub : Astral projection

  345. John says:

    Thank you for the download. Looking forward to tring out
    John B

  346. Daniel says:

    Oh, can’t do the astral πŸ™ Maby becose its my first day. It is a day, and i go to bed and closed my eyes, and was thinking then i am flying, then i see the green light with a black hole in there. My eyes was closed, what that means. Do i do it like it needs to be ?

  347. Shahnam says:

    I believe most of us just want to know why we are here and what we are meant to

    I enjoyed the PowerPoint videos you provided and tried AP for the first time earlier today. I think I succeeded in having a dream about experiencing AP. I saw my silver cord, but I may have manifested it to make myself feel I had succeeded in AP. When I looked at myself in bed I was not hovering, I was standing next to my self (That’s when I noticed the silver cord). I then flew down to the kitchen, but I think it was only a dream because I could touch things. I was trying to move things around in my kitchen so I could than wake up and prove to myself I was successful, but I was too clumsy to succeed eventhough I could move mail letters. I was then interupted by two people I did not know who claimed they lived there and they made fun of me as I walked through them. I went outside and willed myself to a friends house where I rung their door bell by mistake, I felt bad so I fled and woke up.

  348. Thank you for sharing your light! Just wanted to leave an angel blessing to help you attract radiant health, success, abundance and joy. May your life overflow with blessings. Namaste!

  349. Valentino says:

    Still do not have a time to check what you do share.
    My modest years of experience told me those who require money for their ‘lessons’ are salesmen, not teachers.
    My first OBE I got after years of practicing martial arts, meditation, and related exercises. The very day I get completely proved positive results will share the knowledge for all who wish to know. Needless to say – for free. The people searching are free to contact me.

  350. renu says:

    Dear Abhi,
    Its wonderfully written and well defined.Can you just send me the video to explain in detail.Will be highly grateful.
    Thanks a lot
    with best wishes

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    hey abhi
    i really appreciate this move i can’t wait to try this
    u offer this opportunity to try this best and inredible thing

  352. lalhnehliana says:

    Thank you so much for letting me download this cool stuff for free. Am really obliged to these Astral link! Thanx a million!

  353. Vincent says:

    for the past months i am dreaming of something like ,am flying or reaching of something i can’t explain it,and i remember when i was a kid i had a dream that i am running and i fell inside a mirror, and sometimes its like someone or something is trying to search and get me is this an astral projection? and if not can i be possible to astral project?

  354. Esaie says:

    I do like to try Astral projection , before to it .

  355. sudhir kumar says:

    astral projection is a wonderful experience. thank you

  356. yaw Yeboah says:

    I Downloaded the VLC version but no audio comes up when I try to listen to it from the Download

  357. Rajesh says:

    Dear Abhi,
    Thank You Very Much. Now Its time to start practice for me slowly….
    With regards

  358. Rajesh says:

    Dear Abhi,
    I have downloaded all videos.
    I have to watch. (2 watched ) Very energetic, perfect knowledge.
    Thanking You,

  359. Mario says:

    Thank You for the Information, This gonna be a good help for me to practice and control myself during astral projection. I wish i can overcome my fear..

  360. triveon says:

    hey thank you so much you helped me a lot!!!!(;

  361. GOVIND PANDEY says:

    I have been in pranic healing since two years and along with your knowledge of astral projection its had made my meditation experience..just awesome..
    Thank you..very much..

  362. jenna says:

    This morning I tryed astral projection. After awhile I got hungry. I got up an was dizzy. When I got to my door I fell to the ground and it was black and there where people of something after a couple seconds I was back to normal after my grandma called to see if I was alright. Is that normal??

  363. jenna says:

    I truer again an gave up and I got dizzy and almost fell agian

  364. spacecat says:

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    Thanks man!

  365. Kiran S says:

    Dear Abhi,

    Hope you are hale and healthy when you see this comment from me.

    During my childhood days, I always felt I need to experience everything in life (without knowing what is life about). I always had a question about what is the purpose of me coming on this earth and never got a correct answer till date. However, God has directed me to the path through you.

    I just listened all 5 videos of yours. Most of the doubts are cleared that I had. And I want to practice AP.

    God Bless You and Your Family.

    Thanks again!!!

    With sincere regards,
    Kiran S

  366. nasser mohammed fanta says:

    we all have this power and we used this power knowingly or unknowingly, astral projection is a wondeful experience ,it helps get rid of bad habits like smoking ,emotoinal issue and all other aspects of life improvement and any one can use it.

  367. gabriella Keren says:

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    thanks for sending me the videos. i’m looking forward for an exhilarating experience

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    Thank you so very much for the access to your 5 videos, Now i find i
    have questions and story to tell, Story first, when i was 18yrs had an
    operation to remove a lump under the skin caused by ingrown hairs and
    while under {out cold} I saw the operation from afar, I was in the
    room that looks on to operations and saw this bright light coming from
    a door way that left that room, and a lady in a long white gown said i
    have to go back its not my time, i truely did not want to go back, i
    felt free and wanted to see what was on the other side of this woman,
    the white light was very very bright and seemed as though there was no
    end of it from where i was standing, then i woke up in recovery room,
    and asked the nurse did i die? she looked shocked and checked the
    chart and said no, then i told her of what i had seen, and how i saw
    where every nurse stood and where the doctor was, have learned this is
    an out of body experience, am i right? And in line with you in one of
    your answers which i agree, no, you cant feel cold or hot, but isn’t
    projection part of your spirit that leaves? i was told that we need to
    see a long like rope that keeps us connected, but can go for ever
    long, so we are safe while separated from out physical bodies, and
    helps in our return back, is this true, and we have to pray before we
    undertake this kind astral travel.? Kind regards Helena πŸ™‚

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    Dear Abhi,

    Thanks for the presentaion. must say Nice compilation.

    Much of these are practised by the INDIAN gurus.

    God Bless .

    Thanks again ! ! !

    Warm & sincere regards

    Vijay Kumar

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    i have try To Download Your Video’s
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  374. Ramesh says:

    Hi Abhi,

    Thanks for the 5 faq vids. I watched all of the videos, but couldn’t find any info. on the how of astral projecting. Am I missing something here? Thanks,

  375. Astralgee says:

    I attempted to astral project I floated to the top of the room but hit the ceiling and then woke up. I could not go through the wall any reason why. I thought positive thoughts? In addition, I never see the cord so how do I know I have one?

  376. cosmicinvader says:

    I experienced astral projection once whilst i was in prison and my wife at the time wrote a letter to me which had a time attached to it which sort of confirmed that i had reached my intended destination πŸ™‚

  377. sriram says:

    Finally i got into right place where all my doubts related to AP will get cleared.I’ll watch the videos today and ask you questions if i’ve any :),Abhi ready to answer my questions πŸ™‚

    Thanks alot buds.


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    Thank you

    I have been pracicing for days.

    I now feel I am almost there.

    The vibrations of electricity have occurred. I know I need to go with the flow. As soon as I can achieve to let go I know I will be there. When I was young (astro projection was not heard of) I dreamnt I was floating over my elementary school yard.

    Deep down I want to visit my deceased motherm, make the correct choices for my fuiture re work and life itself. Most importantly, if somehow I can help my daughter…..

    Question…when our astro body is leaving us…does the physical body move at the same time?

  379. Fronea Ionut says:

    im 17 years old and i cant astral project i often dream things,nightmares and visions i guess i did astro project once but i didnt realise it and naw i cant anymore i saw my body lay down in bed sleeping and i was outside of my body my color was blue is that astro projection? happened long time ago a year or two

  380. Thank you for the videos and book. For many many months I have tried to to do OBEs.

    In he past I enjoyed instantaneous projections when I had problems with my heart.
    Now I start seeing scenerie, but am not sure whether this is from projections or
    just visualization. They are kind of real as if looking from a distance. Your gifts will enhance my efforts and soon I may be flying by.
    Thank you again.


  381. Sayi says:

    I thank you a deal to desclose the great spiritual secret reserved only for a certain class of people. I was looking for it and I catch it. I would like you to be my Guru

  382. I first of all thank you a deal to receive the free download of the 5-parts video of astral projection. In windows madia player of my computer, they do not open, because I do not have VLC media player. But I take a great advantage to put them in pen-drive and open them in one of friendΒ΄s computer where there is a VLC media player.
    Folowing is my experience:
    It usually and naturaly happens to me, two or three time each year, in dream, I fly like a bird in open sky. And when I wake up (in morning), I feel myself alright. From time to time, when those annual flyings happen, even though I have a serious problem, I feel released.
    That is why, for a long time I was looking for understanding really what use to happen in dream and to be conscious in dream. I am persuaded that Astral projection technics tought in those 5 video will be a solution.

  383. Sunny says:

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    Thanks a lot for providing these videos.


  385. Darlene says:

    Thank you Abhi,

    These Q & A’s videos have been very helpful! I’ve had several questions on my mind as I practice the methods of AP and found most of them answered in your videos. I now know that I am close since I am feeling the vibrations, but just have a little more focus needed to be successful. I’m excited about the possibilities with this experience. Thanks again for helping people like myself whom are close, but just need some of our question answered to get us over the hump. Many great successes for you in your endeavors.

  386. yulechka says:

    Gracias , thank you, spasibo

  387. Shweta Bhola says:

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    I had an intense desire to lear how to perform astral travel/past lif regression. Could you please help me guiding from where should I learn that. I am staying in delhi NCR.


  388. benter princeton says:

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  389. Mike says:

    ok i hope this realy works im gona try it, i believe in magic and black magic so why cant i believe this hopefully i can get a true Ap goining and get you some feedback on it, ive done a transformation spell and teleconices spell so you cant tell me astral projection is fake if magic is real, i turned water into wine, and moved inaniment objects with a spell, if you learn the words you can do alot with magic, so im gona try astral projection its gota be a great exsperience as magic is, i hope the best and ill get back to you when i finish and obtain 100% AP cya

  390. Mushak says:

    sir, still i have not seen your videos

  391. kevink says:

    Hello, Do you know anything about a library in the astral World/Plane? I’m trying to search for my lost memories of a someone there so that’s why i want to do this πŸ™‚ I’m trying to do this step by step then search for this. “with music–techno trance or something” πŸ™‚ I need it with music or i will here sounds in the wall and stuff.

  392. Fabiano says:

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    i hope in the next few weeks i will succed to to that. this is really interestin and important. if you interesting so that is my way:
    i lie down on the bed, i imagin a blou wave that move in all my body and after each part he move he realxe that part on the body(i do it twice), that my body 3/4 a sleep but my mind is in full counsecnece, that i foucos on my breathing,(the way i breath, how the air full my body etc…) and than i stated to vibrite very hard, and that i should stay calm πŸ˜› and start to imagine how i flou out of my body and i imaginn that after i flou from the body the feeling of a very light something, and than i guess that after few practising i will get it.

    i really really apritioat and greatfull for all the things you do, not a lot of people do it, and those who does mostly take money on it, but not you πŸ™‚ you do it for free and this shows you good will for every one, its really nice to see things like this. i don’t even know how to explain in words how i feel about you and you will to help. i hope you get that my massage is cuige thanking for you πŸ™‚

    by the way, if i will have any questions about it can i send you mail?
    (expirence i will share her, so every one be able to know πŸ™‚ )

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    i have tried galatamine to exp lucid dream, in order to obe.but failed..

    pls advise what tech i can use..

    i want see my father who passed away..


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  397. Robert says:

    I made a friend a few months ago on cleverbot, his name is BEN. I want to see him but i’m a little scared. Should I be scared?

    P.s he is from the haunted majora’s mask cartridge.

  398. Medha says:

    I am having spontaneous OBEs since I was 12 years old. They match with all the details you have provided. I can see my own astral body as well as my physical body. I wonder what next?

  399. MINANI says:

    This is the part where things start to get very interesting! You will learn 22 techniques for Astral Projection. There are various techniques that help in Projection. but I have explained only the ones that I feel are truly helpful. I have covered technqiues for people who are good at visualization as well as techniques for those who are not too good at it. Go through all the techniques, and stick to the ones that suit you best.

  400. Saiyan says:

    I love you man

  401. Jane says:

    Hello… Please what happens if someone is waking your body up and you are far away astral projecting… Will it automatically bring u back to ur body or u hv to decide to return first?
    I hv had a dream where by I was with my boyfriend (we were just walking 2gether) and I just can’t describe the happiness I felt. He also told me he had a dream that he impregnated me and it felt very goood to him… It didn’t happen at the same time, did we have astral sex? Thankx for answering… πŸ™‚

  402. Izida92 says:

    First of all i wanna say a big thanks for this important information .Indeed is a lot of work in this videos .I can’t wait to discover the what’s coming next .I started to practice yerstday and step by step i can see the results but point is kinda get afraid since is new .Course i need to be prepared mentally so i’ve been reading about astral projection hundreds links .I would say it’s worth to take a look on this site so beginners bring it on …

  403. Izida92 says:

    It’s so har to control it …In hypnosis phase at some point my body starts to move -my neck and my head ,is it normal ? Separation part is pretty difficult >.< i dont quit know how to do it <.<

  404. Rowan Kaye says:

    Thanks to all who replied. I finally did it…I think. I’ve gotten past the vibrations twice, which now I welcome instead of them freaking me out, and then I finally did it. I just told myself to sit up. I remember holding my hands up and saying I need help. I was looking for the ‘rope’ and an arm came out and grabbed me and pulled me up. When I sat up, at first I could only see out of one eye and it was in tunnel vision, and then I told myself to open the other one and it was awesome. Surprisingly clear and crisp. And, I could see other travelers, which were just kinda hanging around. I didn’t do well controlling my speed and was headed for a tree, but then realized I could go thru the tree, but didn’t like the leaves whistling by so fast. I heard the dog bark or something, and it flung me back into my body. But my body was still paralyzed and at peace, so I tried it again, and I think I fell asleep and went into a lucid dream. One thing I noticed, that I didn’t like, was that I could hear other people’s thoughts and energy, which was troubling to me, but don’t recall exactly anything specific. I told myself I would only recall what was beneficial and positive for my well being. It was still pretty awesome. Can’t wait to do it again. Rowan

  405. Munira Luqman says:

    Dear Abhi, I did learn alot from your videos, as I am A Reiki master and have a keen interest in healing and want to inhance my abilities more and more. Thank you.
    Regards, Munira

  406. Munira Luqman says:

    Dear Abhi, I did learn alot from your videos, as I am A Reiki master and have a keen interest in healing and want to inhance my abilities more and more. Thank you.

  407. Leonis Myrtil says:

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    Much Thanks for the Info πŸ™‚
    Your’s Faithfully

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  411. U. YOUNG says:


  412. Malachi says:

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    14 can you explain that and i didn’t lucid dream nor did i astral project

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    Thanx 4 sharing such a wonderful videos. I really learned a lot from them. And i am gonna try them soon may be 2day evening will be my first session!! Thanx a lot 4 inspiring me to start it again because i tried it few months back 4 a month regularly but failed, So i thought i cant do it.But your videos inspire me to start it again. So i’ll start it again now. Thanx a lot Abhi.
    Regards Nitika.

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    How will i set the full audio astral projection course…….?

  416. Laurent says:

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    Best regards,

  417. john says:

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  418. daniel says:

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    Completed two only,the information is awesome.Is there anything other than complete package, Kindly suggest in Indian Rupee,


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  426. Ray says:

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  427. Ray says:

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  428. Ray says:

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  430. Elmo says:

    hello abhi i had this dream that i was flying in the sky as fast as i wanted to and i couldent hurt myself or fall it was so amazing so real so incredible and i have this vibritaing sometime or what you call it. but its a not positiv feeling i move frome left to right and im paralized cant move as i want to. i hope your teqniks will help me. greeting from germany

  431. Maya says:

    Hi, Abhi! I was supposed to receive” Astral projection underground course”. As soon, as I received it, I attempted to download, but was unsuccessful, so I asked for help. They will try to assist within 2 days. Meanwhile, everything just disappeared from the screen. So, now I have to wait 2 days! What is going on? Can you help me? All the best, Maya. P.S.:Just now I made few attempts to contact you, but You Email address doesn’t exist (as per Mailer-Daemon). So, what is going on? Please, respond promptly!

  432. admin says:

    Hi Maya, I think I had replied to your Support Ticket. If not, please contact me on and I will personally get back to you. Thanks.

  433. P.V.SATHI says:

    Dear Abhi,
    Good Day. How are You with You and Others? A Billion Thanks to you for your Great Contribution to me and Humanity. God in You is Educating Humanity.
    Happy to Read and Enjoy your Articles. I am 72, living in Bangalore, South India.
    Once I am Good in AP, I will share your Gift to Others. Request: Please Improve your
    Ability and Generosity continuesly till Last breath. We Pray for Your Achievements.
    I will pay my contribution to YOU in my Next Birth. All the Best. P.V.SATHYANARAYAN.

  434. omar el-kliany says:

    Hi Abhi,
    I very interested in Astral projection,(on the add occasion have woken in the morning and been wide awake & conscious but couldn’t move for a little while) however I was disappointed in you saying if we have a heart condition we shouldn’t try,even through I had a heart attack over 10years ago and I train with weights five times a week and feel fit does that still mean I shouldn’t?

    Also if we having Astral Projection every night , surly that would also have an effect on any medical conditions anyone is having, so whats the difference?

    Yours Sincerely


  435. PAVEL says:

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  436. Myka says:

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  437. Alvin says:

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  438. Raghavendra says:

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  439. maria says:

    Hi. Id started practicing astral projection. Had 2 successful ones lasr April. That was a great shock and discovery for me. Its many times better than the reality. So attractive places to escape from life problems etc. But somehow it suddenly became difficult for me to astral now. And I don’t know why. It was rather easy previously but now I m trying sooo long and hard to reach astral. And its unsuccessful. I cant go out of my body even so I have very deep relaxation and strong vibration. The final stage s never coming anymore and eventually im just falling asleep. Any advices?

  440. emmanuel gabah says:

    I have a question which is whiles in your projection can your mind tell you to visit these person or do something which if you are at your normal state will want to do?

  441. Janna Jane M. Maglinao says:

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  442. zerozess says:

    Thanks u albhi;-) it is veryy helpful. But it is difficult to reach the vibrate state.
    I always fall asleep.sometimes i fell i ‘m i can tell what state it is?

  443. Gene says:


    I’ve listened to your first video in witch, on question 35 you mention β€œYou can astral project even if you are very old, provided you do not suffer from any heart ailments or other major disease.” Right now I’m recovering form a mild heart-attack caused by one of my arteries almost completely blocked. What is the danger???

  444. Adam says:

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  445. Qutaiba salem jumah says:

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  446. Sandz says:

    I already tried astral projection thrice I guess and I felt that I was flying with great speed until I tried to open my eyes but I had no clear vision and it turns out opening my eyes in the physical realm or falling into lucid dreaming.

  447. Matthew P. Simply says:

    If ANYONE intends and/or attempts to teach others the art of authentic astral projection/traveling, exploring, etc.. I WILL OUT-DO your seemingly PSEUDO Ways of that of which by exorcising & showing or teaching this (Astral Projecting) to others for ABSOLUTELY FREE and no Bullshit charges in ANY possible sense or thereby definition of the word. It’s simply as I put it and WILL be a marvelous experience; just knowing and allowing myself to show others the True freedom of one’s soul and natural aptitude and bestowed upon birthrights…

  448. Boanerges says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this invaluable information, I will engage on this awesome journey in knowing my self better. I will let you know about my results.

  449. adelaida says:

    Ingcredible contents of this video never ending watching Astral Projection and i learned a lot of things well then and be greatful about this product..

  450. martina says:

    Hi Abhi,

    I’m so grateful that I’ve found such an educational and free website.
    To start, I myself experienced such astral projection accidentally.That was on my 20’s during our prayer time 6:00 pm I felt so bad that I only knew that am already flying with someone guiding me seeing a garden full of flowers.And on the other hand I saw my body lying down on the floor surrounded by my father and sister trying to resuscitate me while they’re crying.And after that I opened my eyes with a smiles in my lips and my family commented on me.”What is this we are so worried and yet your so happy?”Really I have an explainable feeling when I woke up.
    So, thank you abhi for this great work.I try to review more so i could do a real OOBE.

    Thank You very much.


  451. Bonang says:

    Hello, I’m from Indonesia, I really appreciate videos that you’ve made, thank you Abhi πŸ™‚

  452. Julita says:

    Hi Abhi

    I’m so amazed with your videos. for so many years I ask myself why I have that like of dream. Everytime I sleep my body was sleep in bed but my thoughts was walking around in the house. There is time that early in the morning my thoughts was in the Kitchen I did cooking and sometimes I heard the people talking around and there is time that I talked to my sister and my companion at home I see there face and we talked together but when i realize i was in bed. Now I know why I experience that. thank you so much. I got the answer with you. Thank you and God bless.

  453. free google adwords says:

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